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Bruno Spengler claims DTM championship crown with victory

Bruno Spengler (BMW) is the 2012 DTM champion: in a thrilling season finale at the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg, he claimed victory in the race after 42 laps and thus claimed the DTM championship crown for the first time in his career. Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz), who had led the drivers’ standings prior to the finale, finished second behind Spengler and is runner-up. Eventually, Paffett (145 points) was four points down on the Franco-Canadian (149 points). Augusto Farfus (BMW), who started the race from pole position, finished third at Hockenheim.

Race at glance

Air temperature: 16.5 °C 

Asphalt temperature: 24.4 °C

Spectators during the race weekend: 128,000

Start   Farfus takes the lead, Spengler slots into second. Paffett has problems getting away. He is fourth.
Lap 1   Hand has also overtaken Paffett. Under braking for the hairpin, Paffett gets through on the inside and is third again. Spengler has overtaken Farfus and is now leading. Tambay into the pits, he retires with damaged right rear suspension.
Lap 2   Spengler is leading from Farfus, Paffett, Ekström, Hand, Green, Mortara, Werner, Tomczyk. Rockenfeller, Frey into the pits. Frey continues, Rockenfeller retires.
Lap 6   Spengler's advantage over Farfus is 1.5 seconds, Paffett is 0.9 seconds behind Farfus. Tomczyk and Schumacher battling for tenth.
Lap 8   Wickens under investigation for pushing another car.
Lap 9   Coulthard and Vietoris tangle while battling for twelfth.
Lap 11  Spengler has extended his lead to 2.7 seconds. Farfus and Paffett both into the pits for their first mandatory stops. Ekström also into the pits.
Lap 12  Paffett exits the pit lane ahead of Farfus. Ekström is stuck along the track, the right front wheel has come off. Spengler, Green, Mortara, Vietoris, Molina into the pits.
Lap 13  Hand, Werner, Schumacher, Coulthard into the pits.
Lap 14  Wolff into the pits.
Lap 15  Paffett under investigation because of unsafe release. Scheider, Wickens into the pits. Debris from Schumacher's car on the main straight.
Lap 17  The gap between Spengler and Paffett is 3.6 seconds. Molina into the pits.
Lap 18  Priaulx, Coulthard, Albuquerque into the pits.
Lap 19  No further action against Paffett.
Lap 20  Wickens into the pits - he retires.
Lap 21  Mortara and Priaulx into the pits.
Lap 22  Schumacher into the pits. Coulthard and Scheider collide, Coulthard spins. Comes into the pits at the end of the lap. Wolff into the pits.
Lap 23  Farfus, Vietoris, Merhi into the pits. Scheider under investigation. Coulthard into the pits, retires.
Lap 24  Paffett into the pits.
Lap 25  Spengler, Green, Tomczyk into the pits.
Lap 26  Werner into the pits. Drive through for Timo Scheider because of pushing another car.
Lap 27  Molina off the track, stuck in the gravel trap at Sachs corner. Scheider comes in for his penalty.
Lap 28  Hand into the pits.
Lap 29  All drivers having completed their pit stops, Spengler is leading from Paffett, Farfus, Green, Werner, Mortara, Priaulx, Hand, Schumacher, Vietoris. Merhi into the pits.
Lap 32  1.8 seconds between Spengler and Paffett.
Lap 33  1.3 seconds between Spengler and Paffett.
Lap 34  Warning for Paffett because of leaving the track.
Lap 35  Warning for Merhi because of leaving the track.
Lap 36  1.2 seconds between Spengler and Paffett.
Lap 40  1.6 seconds between Spengler and Paffett.
Lap 41  Merhi under investigation. Merhi has to change position with Tomczyk, irregular overtaking.
Lap 42  Final lap.
Finish  Bruno Spengler has won the race and is the 2012 DTM champion! Finish order: Spengler wins from Paffett, Farfus, Green, Werner, Mortara, Priaulx, Hand, Schumacher, Vietoris.

Photo gallery: Warm-up and race