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Farfus wins at Zandvoort – Rockenfeller is the new DTM champion

The battle has been decided: in the ninth round of the 2013 DTM season at Zandvoort in The Netherlands, Mike Rockenfeller claimed an early championship title. In the penultimate round of the season at the dune circuit on the North Sea coast, second place for the 29-year old was enough. Thus, prior to the DTM finale at Hockenheim, he is leading the drivers’ standings beyond reach for Augusto Farfus (BMW), for whom even victory at Zandvoort wasn’t enough. For the Brazilian, it was his third win of the year. Timo Scheider (Audi) scored his best result of the season in third place. In ninth position, Gary Paffett was the best-placed Mercedes-Benz driver. A full press release with quotes will follow shortly.

The race in detail
Air temperature: 15.9 °C
Asphalt temperature: 19.9 °C

StartFarfus takes the lead on the inside from Wittmann and Rockenfeller. Then Scheider, Hand and Albuquerque.
Lap 1Rockenfeller under investigation - jump start. Rockenfeller overtakes Wittmann at Masters and is now second. Hand overtakes Scheider for fifth. Merhi into the pits - retires.
Lap 2Hand overtakes Albuquerque coming out of the S-corner and is now fourth.
Lap 3Glock overtakes Scheider for sixth. No further action against Rockenfeller.
Lap 4Wittmann, Scheider, Mortara, Werner, Paffett, Wehrlein into the pits for their first stops.
Lap 5Tambay, Vietoris, Priaulx into the pits.
Lap 7Race leader Augusto Farfus is three seconds clear of Mike Rockenfeller in second place. Ekström into the pits.
Lap 8Tomczyk, Juncadella into the pits.
Lap 9Spengler into the pits.
Lap 10Wickens into the pits.
Lap 12Rockenfeller's last lap was 0.4 seconds faster than Farfus's time. Together, they are over ten seconds clear of Hand in third place. Green into the pits.
Lap 13Farfus into the pits.
Lap 14Rockenfeller is now 7.5 seconds clear of Hand, who moved up into second after Farfus's pit stop. Albuquerque is third, then Molina, Glock, Farfus, Wittmann, Scheider, Tambay and Paffett.
Lap 15Rockenfeller, Hand, Glock into the pits.
Lap 16Rockenfeller rejoins behind Farfus, ahead of Wittmann. Paffett, Priaulx into the pits. They are the first drivers to have made two pit stops.
Lap 17Wehrlein, Vietoris into the pits.
Lap 18Albuquerque into the pits.
Lap 19Wickens attacks Glock for eleventh. Molina into the pits.
Lap 20Paffett overtakes Green and is now 16th. Wittmann, Ekström into the pits.
Lap 21Rockenfeller into the pits.
Lap 22Scheider, Spengler into the pits.
Lap 23Scheider rejoins ahead of Rockenfeller. Tomczyk into the pits.
Lap 24Albuquerque into the pits.
Lap 25Under braking for Tarzan, Rockenfeller overtakes Scheider. Farfus into the pits.
Lap 26Hand, Molina, Wickems and Green into the pits.
Lap 27Tambay, Glock into the pits.
Lap 28Werner and Juncadella into the pits.
Lap 29Only Mortara has to make a second stop. Currently, Farfus is leading from Mortara, Rockenfeller, Scheider, Wittmann, Tambay, Hand, Albuquerque, Paffett and Molina.
Lap 30Mortara into the pits.
Lap 31All drivers having completed their two pit stops, Farfus is leading from Rockenfeller, Scheider, Wittmann, Tambay, Hand, Albuquerque, Paffett, Molina and Wehrlein.
Lap 32Wickens and Ekström are battling for twelfth. Mortara off the track in the battle with Tomczyk, but continues.
Lap 33Ekström overtakes Werner and is now eleventh.
Lap 34Ekström overtakes Wehrlein and is now tenth.
Lap 37Ekström, with soft tyres, overtakes Paffett for eighth.
Lap 38Werner has crashed into the gravel trap after collision with Green. Safety car.
Lap 43Safety car in at the end of this lap. Only one lap to the flag.
Lap 44Ekström overtakes Hand and is now sixth, then he passes Tambay and is fifth, and also deals with Wittmann for fourth. Farfus wins from Rockenfeller, Scheider, Ekström, Wittmann, Tambay, Hand, Albuquerque, Paffett and Molina. Rockenfeller claims his maiden DTM title.

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