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Audi RS5 DTM

The Audi RS 5 DTM

Since the 2013 season, the Ingolstadt based manufacturer races the Audi RS 5 DTM in DTM. It is the successor of the Audi A4 DTM that gave the brand numerous successes. But the debut season of the new vehicle also was impressive indeed. Mike Rockenfeller won the title and his squad prevailed in the team championship – and in the following year, Audi secured the manufacturers’ title. And although Audi had to settle for a season with out title, in 2015, it was just this season where the RS 5 DTM established as true winner, with 10 of the 18 races having been won by Audi drivers. A clear proof of the fact that attention to detail pays off. The RS 5 DTM consists of about 4000 hand-made parts. The normally aspirated V8 engine produces some 340Kw (460bhp). The carbon-fibre only body is sitting on a hybrid-design chassis with a weight of just 160kg. The combination of carbon-fibre monocoque, steel cage and crash elements is setting new standards regarding racing-car safety. The preparation for the 2016 season demonstrated how much attention to the detail is paid by the Audi engineers. All the eight cars were created with a new kind of car wrapping that will help to save about a kg per vehicle. “As it’s a well known fact that every detail counts, in DTM, we were delighted with having this opportunity to keep on improving our cars,” said Dieter Gass, Audi Sport’s Head of the DTM project.

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