Adrien Tambay drives 2016 for Audi Sport Team Rosberg in the DTM



Adrien Tambay

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Adrien Tambay

#27 Audi Sport Team Rosberg

Date of birth 25.02.1991
Place of birth Paris (F)
Residence London (GB)
Family status Single
Hobbies Cycling, running, squash
Team Audi Sport Team Rosberg
Manufacturer Audi
Car Audi RS5 DTM

2001–2006 Kart
2007 4th place German Formula BMW
2008 3rd place European Formula BMW
2009 Formula 3 Euro Series
2010 6th place Auto GP Series
  20th place GP3 Series
2011 4th place Auto GP Series
  27th place Formula Renault 3.5
2012 2nd place Trophée Andros Electrique
2013 2nd place Trophée Andros Electrique

Adriens Audi RS5 DTM

Adrien's DTM statistics

65 DTM races
0 DTM victories
3 DTM podiums
1 DTM pole positions
First DTM race: 29.04.2012

Adrien Tambay

Drivers statistics


Finished 50 von 65
Victories 0 von 65
Top 3 3 von 65
Top 10 18 von 65

Distribution top 10 positions

Overall places
201618Audi RS5 DTM40
201524Audi RS5 DTM3
201414Audi RS5 DTM36
201314Audi RS5 DTM30
201210Audi RS5 DTM28
All results
16.10.2016Hockenheim12Audi RS5 DTM
16.10.2016Hockenheim-Audi RS5 DTM
25.09.2016Budapest6Audi RS5 DTM
25.09.2016Budapest2Audi RS5 DTM
11.09.2016Nürburgring-Audi RS5 DTM
11.09.2016Nürburgring15Audi RS5 DTM
21.08.2016Moskau12Audi RS5 DTM
21.08.2016Moskau8Audi RS5 DTM
17.07.2016Zandvoort-Audi RS5 DTM
26.06.2016Norisring7Audi RS5 DTM
26.06.2016Norisringexkl.Audi RS5 DTM
05.06.2016Lausitzring20Audi RS5 DTM
05.06.2016Lausitzring20Audi RS5 DTM
22.05.2016Spielberg8Audi RS5 DTM
22.05.2016Spielberg11Audi RS5 DTM
08.05.2016Hockenheim-Audi RS5 DTM
08.05.2016Hockenheim13Audi RS5 DTM
17.10.2015Hockenheim-Audi RS5 DTM
18.10.2015Hockenheim-Audi RS5 DTM
26.09.2015Nürburgring14Audi RS5 DTM
27.09.2015Nürburgring12Audi RS5 DTM
12.09.2015Oschersleben17Audi RS5 DTM
13.09.2015Oschersleben14Audi RS5 DTM
29.08.2015Moscow Raceway-Audi RS5 DTM
30.08.2015Moscow Raceway16Audi RS5 DTM
01.08.2015Spielberg10Audi RS5 DTM
02.08.2015Spielberg16Audi RS5 DTM
11.07.2015Zandvoort18Audi RS5 DTM
12.07.2015Zandvoort9Audi RS5 DTM
27.06.2015Norisring19Audi RS5 DTM
28.06.2015Norisring14Audi RS5 DTM
30.05.2015Lausitzring16Audi RS5 DTM
31.05.2015Lausitzring20Audi RS5 DTM
02.05.2015Hockenheim15Audi RS5 DTM
03.05.2015Hockenheim-Audi RS5 DTM
19.10.2014Hockenheim19Audi RS5 DTM
28.09.2014Zandvoort-Audi RS5 DTM
14.09.2014Lausitzring18Audi RS5 DTM
17.08.2014Nürburgring11Audi RS5 DTM
03.08.2014Spielberg6Audi RS5 DTM
13.07.2014Moscow Raceway-Audi RS5 DTM
29.06.2014Norisring9Audi RS5 DTM
01.06.2014Budapest5Audi RS5 DTM
18.05.2014Oschersleben10Audi RS5 DTM
04.05.2014Hockenheim3Audi RS5 DTM
20.10.2013Hockenheim14Audi RS5 DTM
29.09.2013Zandvoort6Audi RS5 DTM
15.09.2013Oschersleben9Audi RS5 DTM
18.08.2013Nürburgring6Audi RS5 DTM
04.08.2013Moscow Raceway4Audi RS5 DTM
14.07.2013Norisring15Audi RS5 DTM
16.06.2013Lausitzring11Audi RS5 DTM
02.06.2013Spielberg11Audi RS5 DTM
19.05.2013Brands Hatch18Audi RS5 DTM
05.05.2013Hockenheim-Audi RS5 DTM
21.10.2012Hockenheim-Audi RS5 DTM
30.09.2012Valencia2Audi RS5 DTM
16.09.2012Oschersleben16Audi RS5 DTM
26.08.2012Zandvoort5Audi RS5 DTM
19.08.2012Nürburgring-Audi RS5 DTM
01.07.2012Norisring15Audi RS5 DTM
03.06.2012Spielberg-Audi RS5 DTM
20.05.2012Brands Hatch12Audi RS5 DTM
06.05.2012Lausitzring18Audi RS5 DTM
29.04.2012Hockenheim-Audi RS5 DTM

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Are you guys ready for #lausitzring @dtm_pics ?! I am !!!
Lausitz @dtm_pics round well prepared! Now ✈️✈️ back to my hood for a few nights !! #home #London :)) #Audi #Livingroomwithaview
Anybody for a 2.5 seconds pit-stop!?
Race week mode on. Smile mode on. @audi__sport @dtm_pics #instagram #FranceToner #Parc #AT27 #audi #Racing
Monaco with good friends
Busy Chilling. Thanks @redbull and well done Daniel! @danielricciardo #MonteCarlo #Monaco #f1
That Post training feeling
Tribute to these guys! They are awesome!
Leaving @redbullring with a very positive feeling ! P3 in Quali on saturday, first points in Race 1 and some hard fights today on track ! Thanks to my guys at #Team #Rosberg for the great job! We on our way to great stuff ;) @audi__sport @dtm_pics @redbull #leagueofperformance #instagram
P12 0.2sec off pole in qualifying !! Now bring on Race 2 and a nice fight!!

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