The sixth DTM race weekend of the season 2016 at the Moscow raceway



DTM Moscow Raceway

Friday, 19. August 2016 to Sunday, 21. August 2016

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  • About the circuit: Moscow Raceway is the first Russian circuit built to hold international motorsport events. The track meets the highest requirements of FIA and is homologated for Formula 1.

  • Grandstands tips: There are 5 Stands including The Grand Stand and Mercedes Stand around the track, for more than 30.000 guests. Visitors may also watch races from the Natural stand.

  • Cultural tips: Moscow is a metropolis bulging with life. It can offer something of interest to everyone. Take a relaxed walk on its hidden paths to enjoy the charm of two-storey houses in the old Moscow or have a go at strolling through the luxurious downtown boutiques. Finish it with a visit to the Bolshoi and later take your time choosing a dish in a traditional Russian restaurant on Red Square overlooking the iconic view of this city – St. Basil’s Cathedral. Moscow will welcome you with Russian hospitality and you can be sure that this city will stay in your heart for years to come.


7.5 °C
7 °C 8 °C
clear sky

Pressure 1015 hPa
Sunrise 04:19 Uhr
Sunset 16:52 Uhr

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