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The people behind the DTM

Gerard Berger (Chairman)

As a highly successful long-term Formula One driver, Gerhard Berger completed 210 GPs among others for Benetton BMW, the Scuderia Ferrari and Honda McLaren from 1984 to 1997. After having retired from Formula One, he returned to the world of motor sport as BMW Williams Motorsport Director (1998 to 2003) and co-owner of Toro Rosso (2006 to 2008). Afterwards, he became President of the FIA single-seater commission (2012 to 2014). At the same time, Berger also pursued his career away from the racetrack: He is the owner of a company group based in Tyrol which focuses on vehicle construction and logistics. But he always remained closely connected to motor racing.

Florian Zitzlsperger (Deputy Chairman)

Florian Zitzlsperger began his career at Audi AG in 1999. After his trainee programme, he held several positions in Brand strategy and at Audi Sport before assuming the position as Head of International Sports Marketing. From 2014 onwards he was responsible for Marketing Communications Management and Strategy, responsible for integration of marketing campaigns as well as the global Media Strategy, Product Placements and Brand Cooperations. In 2016, Zitzlsperger was appointed as full-time ITR GmbH managing director and also has been responsible for the areas marketing, communications and organisation, since then.

Dieter Gass (Advisory Board Member)


Jens Marquardt (Advisory Board Member)

As motorsport director, Jens Marquardt has been responsible for all racing projects of the BMW brand since July 2011. After studying aerospace engineering he turned to automotive engineering right at the beginning of his professional career. From 1996 to 2000 he worked in development projects for Formula 1 and CART engines before assuming responsibility in various roles within Toyota’s Formula 1 project. He describes being at the helm of BMW Motorsport as his ‘dream job’ and the triple title in the 2012 comeback season as ‘motorsport history’.

Toto Wolff (Advisory Board Member)

After a brief career as an amateur racer in which he achieved endurance racing victories Toto Wolff founded the investment firms Marchfifteen in 1998 and Marchsixteen in 2004, with a focus on strategic investments in medium-sized industrial companies and publicly quoted companies. This included HWA AG’s going public. Wolff has been a member of the supervisory board of HWA AG. Since 2013 he has been responsible for the entire factorybacked motorsport commitment of Mercedes-Benz.

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