Camping at Lausitzring

Opening hours:

From Thursday 12 pm to Monday 12 pm.


Camping tickets are sold as weekend tickets (Friday to Sunday). If you are arriving later, you still have to pay the full price. If you are arriving earlier than 12 pm on Thursday or leaving later than 12 pm on Monday, you are not charged additionally. Fees are paid per person. The size of your vehicle does not matter until 7.5t. Vehicles larger than 7.5t need a special permission. In case this applies to your vehicle please send a written request to

Kids and teens:

Kids and teens until the age of 15 do not need to pay for camping but they still need a regular ticket for entry which can be bought online or on the spot.

Teenagers older than 14 are allowed to stay on the campground without their legal guardian. The adolescents need to hold a declaration of consent and a copy of the ID card from their legal guardian. Both, the declaration of consent and the copy of the ID card, need to be carried at all times and shown when asked for it. In case one of both is missing, the respective adolescent will be expelled from the campground immediately.


To access the camping space all guests (including guests with tickets) have to pass the cashier’s office. After having checked your tickets, you will receive frenulum’s and sticker’s.

Description and categories:

All camping places are only used temporary, specially arranged for the DTM-weekend. We offer two categories with different prices. “Speedway Camp” and “Endurance Camp” belong to the same category. The purchase of a ticket of one category ensures you a space in the category you purchased. Your space will be assigned when you enter the camping space and depends on availability. It is not allowed to make reservations on your own by using any tool.

Speedway Camp:

Located right behind the area where the event takes place (behind blocs A and B). You have to use the same entrance as category “Endurance Camp”. Mostly, smooth grassed area. Equipped with lampposts and water intake. Sanitary installations including showers in the main stand are available. You can access them before and after main program and until 10 pm. Additionally, there will be mobile toilets on the camping ground. There is no electrical connection but generators are allowed.

Endurance Camp:

Located close to the area where the event takes place, behind stand G and H. You have to use the same entrance as category “Speedway Camp”. The area is partly uneven and not all grassed but there are some spots containing asphalt. No lampposts but orientation lights available. Sanitary installations including shower are always accessible. No electrical connection available but generators are allowed.

P4 Camp:

Located across the parking lots P2 and P3. Equipped with Lampposts. Sanitary installations including temporary showers relatively close and accessible until 10 pm. Additionally, there are water intakes and mobile toilets on the camping ground. There is no electrical connection but generators are allowed. Rest time starts at 10 pm.

Regulations and GTC:

With completion of the ticket purchase you accept the GTC’s and the regulations of the camping ground. You have to follow the regulations if you use the camping ground. Especially, fireworks, open camp fire and noise exposure are strictly forbidden. Counteracting will be punished and may cause dismissal.

My Molo Lodge at the DTM Lausitzring

Your lodge at the DTM - Camping next to the race track

Your own lodge, a real bed as well as a fridge, electricity supply and sanitary facilities in the immediate vicinity.

This awaits you in one of the nineteen lodges directly in the Speedway Camp at the Lausitzring.

The 7.5 sqm large, lockable lodge is not only suitable as a cosy night's lodge but also as a chill-out area after the races.

Meet like-minded people off the race track and enjoy the pre- and after-hours of the event in deck chairs or hammocks in the camp.

Create your ultimate DTM experience.

What equipment will you find at the Lodge?

The Lodge is equipped as follows

• 1 Lodge (3.00m long x 2.45m wide x 2.50m high)

• 2 single beds á 80 x 200cm

• Shelf and coat hooks

• Mini fridge (35L)

• Mirror

• Lamp

• Power supply 230V Luminous flux

• at least 1 deckchair per lodge

What does the lodge cost you and how long is the rental period?

The lodge located in the Speedway Camp costs 499,00€ for 2 persons and 4 nights (Thursday, 14.05.2020 until Monday, 18.05.2020). This results in a price of 62,37€ per person/night.

Please note: A ticket for the DTM event is not included and must be booked separately.


Buy your camping tickets here.

Camping site plan

Download the camping site plan here.

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