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Camping in Zolder


Category 1 on site (only for tents) and Category 2 off site (a five-minute walk from the main entrance) especially for families with kids.

Order your camping tickets online and benefit from favourable advance booking prices. 




Camping is not just fun, but also very affordable. From 25 € a person (Category 2 of site) and 35 € a person (Category 1 on site) you can stay in the direct proximity of the circuit and this from Friday to Sunday. Children up to 12 years old can stay for free on the campsite, as long as they have a valid DTM entry ticket. The campsites open on Thursday at 12.00 h and departure is possible until Monday 12.00 h. 


All information on camping at Circuit Zolder

Opening times:

From Thursday 12.00h to Monday 12.00h the campsite is open 24 hours. 


In principle, camping tickets are offered as weekend tickets (Friday to Sunday), a later arrival will not reduce the usage fees. An earlier arrival on Thursday and a later departure on Monday are not possible. 

Fees are charged per person. 

For the year 2019, there will be no distinction between vehicles up to 7,5t. Vehicles bigger than 7,5t can be approved in writing following a preregistration on [email protected]. 

Children and adolescents:

Children and adolescents that are 15 years old or younger can stay for free on the campsites. However, they must possess an access authorisation, which needs to be presented on site at the camping check-in.


For all guests (including those already in the possession of a ticket), the access to the campsite will take place via the camping check-in. At the check-in, your tickets will be checked and replaced by wristbands for people and stickers for vehicles.

Campsite description and categories:

The camping consists of temporary facilities and campsites for the duration of the event. There are two campsite categories at different prices. You can buy a ticket by price category. The campsite and camping space assignment will happen on site and depending on the availability. Self-installed place reservations using barrier tape are not allowed. 

Category 1 on site:

Located directly on the premises of the event, at the main entrance. Grassy area. Equipped with lampposts and a water supply point. Sanitary facilities with toilets and showers are close by. You can enter the campsite before and after the main program and until 22.00 h. Power connections are present, generators are allowed.

The campsite manager will see to it that the rest periods are strictly followed, especially after 22.00h. 



Category 2 off site:

Campsite in close proximity to the event site (a 5-minute walk from the main entrance). Grassy area. No lampposts on site, orientation lighting is therefore recommended. Mobile sanitary facilities with toilets and showers are always available. No power connections on site, generators are allowed.

The campsite manager will see to it that the rest periods are strictly followed, especially after 22.00h. 



Campsite rules & general terms and conditions: 

In purchasing a ticket, the ticket purchaser agrees to abide the general terms and conditions and the campsite rules. The compliance with the campsite rules is a necessary requirement for the use of the campsite. Especially fireworks, open campfires and noise nuisance are strictly forbidden. Any violation will be punished by the safety personnel and can result in a removal from the campsite. 



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