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The Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM

New regulations, new aerodynamics rules and new tyres: while designing and developing the new Mercedes-AMG 63 DTM, the Mercedes-AMG Motorsport DTM Team had to cope with several new challenges. The starting signal for the development of the new car was given as early as in late 2015. Other than in the previous years, the team had to observe quite a number of changes in the technical regulations. These changes first of all include a bigger number of control parts – inter alia the entire suspension as well as aero components, such as the he front diffuser or the underbody. The joint development of the control parts took the three manufacturers quite a lot of time and wasn’t completed before August, 2016. As comparison: the percentage of new parts on the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM for 2017 amounts to more than 70 percent. While the main focus was set on the control parts, the team simultaneously worked, from spring 2016, on optimising the wind-tunnel model. This phase, the crew that was involved in the development of the car began to use the wind-tunnel sessions for generating ideas and testing them. From autumn 2016, the first components for the production were determined. These components are parts for the interior of the vehicle, such as the fire walls, carbon-fibre components, the roof or the windows. Details such as flicks and other add-on parts are created as close as possible to the homologation date, the 01st March, to have the chance of squeezing the maximum performance out of the car.

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