Edoardo Mortara drives 2017 for Mercedes-AMG DTM Team HWA in the DTM

Edoardo Mortara

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Edoardo Mortara


Date of birth 12.01.1987
Place of birth Genf (CH)
Residence Genf (CH)
Family status Married
Hobbies Sports
Team Mercedes-AMG DTM Team HWA
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Car Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM

1999–2005 Kart
2006 4th place Italian Formula Renault
2007 8th place Formula 3 Euro Series, 10th place Formula 3 Grand Prix Macau
2008 2nd place Formula 3 Euro Series, 2nd place Formula 3 Grand Prix Macau
2009 1st place Formula 3 Grand Prix Macau, 14th place GP2 Series, 11st place Asian GP2 Series
2010 1st place Formula 3 Euro Series, 1st place Formula 3 Grand Prix Macau
2011 1st place GT Cup Macau
2012 1st place GT Cup Macau
2013 1st place 24 hour race Daytona (GT class), 1st place GT Cup Macau

Edoardo's DTM statistics

94 DTM races
8 DTM victories
22 DTM podiums
4 DTM pole positions
First DTM race: 01.05.2011

Edoardo Mortara

Drivers statistics


Finished 83 von 94
Victories 8 von 94
Top 3 22 von 94
Top 10 52 von 94

Distribution top 10 positions

Overall places
201714Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM61
20162Audi RS5 DTM202
20154Audi RS5 DTM143
20145Audi RS5 DTM68
201321Audi RS5 DTM3
20125Audi RS5 DTM82
20119Audi A4 DTM 200821
All results
15.10.2017Hockenheim9Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
14.10.2017Hockenheim5Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
24.09.2017Spielberg17Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
23.09.2017Spielberg9Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
10.09.2017Nürburgring16Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
09.09.2017Nürburgring7Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
20.08.2017Zandvoort12Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
19.08.2017Zandvoort12Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
23.07.2017Moscow Raceway10Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
22.07.2017Moscow Raceway13Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
02.07.2017Norisring3Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
01.07.2017Norisring8Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
18.06.2017Budapest11Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
17.06.2017Budapest9Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
21.05.2017Lausitzring11Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
20.05.2017Lausitzring7Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
07.05.2017Hockenheim13Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
06.05.2017Hockenheim4Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM
16.10.2016Hockenheim1Audi RS5 DTM
15.10.2016Hockenheim3Audi RS5 DTM
25.09.2016Budapest19Audi RS5 DTM
24.09.2016Budapest1Audi RS5 DTM
11.09.2016Nürburgring1Audi RS5 DTM
10.09.2016Nürburgring4Audi RS5 DTM
21.08.2016Moscow Raceway6Audi RS5 DTM
20.08.2016Moscow Raceway8Audi RS5 DTM
17.07.2016Zandvoort3Audi RS5 DTM
16.07.2016Zandvoort17Audi RS5 DTM
26.06.2016Norisring8Audi RS5 DTM
25.06.2016Norisring1Audi RS5 DTM
05.06.2016Lausitzring12Audi RS5 DTM
04.06.2016Lausitzring8Audi RS5 DTM
22.05.2016Spielberg-Audi RS5 DTM
21.05.2016Spielberg3Audi RS5 DTM
08.05.2016Hockenheim11Audi RS5 DTM
07.05.2016Hockenheim1Audi RS5 DTM
18.10.2015Hockenheim3Audi RS5 DTM
17.10.2015Hockenheim-Audi RS5 DTM
27.09.2015Nürburgring-Audi RS5 DTM
26.09.2015Nürburgring2Audi RS5 DTM
13.09.2015Oschersleben-Audi RS5 DTM
12.09.2015Oschersleben19Audi RS5 DTM
30.08.2015Moscow Raceway8Audi RS5 DTM
29.08.2015Moscow Raceway6Audi RS5 DTM
02.08.2015Spielberg3Audi RS5 DTM
01.08.2015Spielberg1Audi RS5 DTM
12.07.2015Zandvoort-Audi RS5 DTM
11.07.2015Zandvoort-Audi RS5 DTM
28.06.2015Norisring15Audi RS5 DTM
27.06.2015Norisring11Audi RS5 DTM
31.05.2015Lausitzring5Audi RS5 DTM
30.05.2015Lausitzring2Audi RS5 DTM
03.05.2015Hockenheim2Audi RS5 DTM
02.05.2015Hockenheim4Audi RS5 DTM
19.10.2014Hockenheim22Audi RS5 DTM
28.09.2014Zandvoort4Audi RS5 DTM
14.09.2014Lausitzring16Audi RS5 DTM
17.08.2014Nürburgring3Audi RS5 DTM
03.08.2014Spielberg16Audi RS5 DTM
13.07.2014Moscow Raceway9Audi RS5 DTM
29.06.2014Norisring4Audi RS5 DTM
01.06.2014Budapest4Audi RS5 DTM
18.05.2014Oschersleben3Audi RS5 DTM
04.05.2014Hockenheim22Audi RS5 DTM
20.10.2013Hockenheim15Audi RS5 DTM
29.09.2013Zandvoort14Audi RS5 DTM
15.09.2013Oschersleben10Audi RS5 DTM
18.08.2013Nürburgring12Audi RS5 DTM
04.08.2013Moscow Raceway-Audi RS5 DTM
14.07.2013Norisring17Audi RS5 DTM
16.06.2013Lausitzring9Audi RS5 DTM
02.06.2013Spielberg15Audi RS5 DTM
19.05.2013Brands Hatch21Audi RS5 DTM
05.05.2013Hockenheim-Audi RS5 DTM
21.10.2012Hockenheim6Audi RS5 DTM
30.09.2012Valencia16Audi RS5 DTM
16.09.2012Oschersleben-Audi RS5 DTM
26.08.2012Zandvoort1Audi A5 DTM
19.08.2012Nürburgring2Audi RS5 DTM
01.07.2012Norisring-Audi RS5 DTM
03.06.2012Spielberg1Audi RS5 DTM
20.05.2012Brands Hatch9Audi RS5 DTM
06.05.2012Lausitzring8Audi RS5 DTM
29.04.2012Hockenheim11Audi RS5 DTM
23.10.2011Hockenheim13Audi A4 DTM 2008
02.10.2011Valencia16Audi A4 DTM 2008
18.09.2011Oschersleben3Audi A4 DTM 2008
04.09.2011Brands Hatch3Audi A4 DTM 2008
07.08.2011Nürburgring7Audi A4 DTM 2008
03.07.2011Norisring5Audi A4 DTM 2008
19.06.2011Lausitzring-Audi A4 DTM 2008
05.06.2011Spielberg16Audi A4 DTM 2008
15.05.2011Zandvoort6Audi A4 DTM 2008
01.05.2011Hockenheim14Audi A4 DTM 2008

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#santiagoeprix wasn’t our best weekend but you can be sure we ll come back stronger in #Mexico #nevergiveup @venturi
Shakedown in #santiago. Hoping tomorrow will go well. Push push
RT @fabbrouwers: Partners in crime @stephbaldet @maroengel @edomortara #ShootingDay #SantiagoEprix #ABBFormulae https://t.co/eQonhLw10U
Preparing the #Santiagoeprix with the team @venturi. Such a nice place with beautiful weather
Cant wait to go back at it. #Santiagoeprix here We come @venturi
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. You made it special
2018 is just around the corner. Are you looking forward for it ? Happy new year
Thanks #formulae #fe. Thanks #hongkong you were awesome to me. I hope to have many more weekends like this one
Sometimes its just difficult to accept such personal fuckups... before coming to my first #formulae race weekend i was dreaming of a podium finish... Its hard to describe how gutted i am.... I guess we ll move on and keep on pushing. Thanks for the support, you were amazing to me. Thanks to #Venturi for their incredible work #edo #zf #stilo
First race of Formula E done. In the end 7th place for us and my first points in the championship. Lets go for the 2nd one tomorrow

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