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DTM Experience 2014

As race fans in the northern hemisphere prepare for winter and the off-season, Sector3 Studios AB and RaceRoom Entertainment AG have released the latest iteration of the official PC game of DTM racing, DTM Experience 2014.

Fans become DTM drivers behind the wheel of the Audi RS 5 DTM, BMW M4 DTM and DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupé in DTM Experience 2014 and race all 9 tracks from the 2014 season in pursuit of the DTM Championship title.

“A long list of improvements roar under the hood of DTM Experience 2014,” said Christopher Speed, CEO Sector3 Studios. “We’ve smartened up the AI and improved gameplay through physics updates and the new track surface tech to provide realistic force feedback and handling. Important features missing from the 2013 Experience have been added, like tire compounds, weight penalties and pit stops. This is the best DTM game yet.”

Drivers will enter the pits to change tires and repair damage, and may endure performance weight penalties in the most authentic recreation of the series to date. An extra boost of speed can be obtained in DTM Experience 2014 with the DRS system, which momentarily alters the angle of the rear wing to trade downforce for speed.

Players can battle computer controlled opponents or compete head-to-head against other online racers in multiple game modes, including:

  • Championship: Players take the wheel and battle advanced computer controlled opponents as DTM drivers in the 2014 DTM Championship.
  • Online Multiplayer: Compete with up to 22 players in online multiplayer races.
  • Single Race: Race up to 22 computer controlled opponents in a single race event.
  • Practice: Drive alone on the track in practice sessions.
  • Competitions: Compete in official competitions from DTM.

NOVICE and AMATEUR physics models assist new and growing talent while the GET REAL physics model will challenge experienced drivers. Enhanced support for a wide variety of game controllers comes standard, including; steering wheels, gamepads, and keyboards.

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