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Friday, 18. May 2018 to Sunday, 20. May 2018

The year 1999 brought the end for Berlin's legendary AVUS. An important chapter of the German motor-racing history was closed but at the same time, the first pages of a new one already were written. Just one year after the final race in the heart of Germany's capital, on 20th August 2000, 110,000 spectators travelled to Klettwitz to witness the Lausitzring's opening ceremony. And two weeks later, DTM made its first appearance at the racetrack that is located further to the east than any other German racetrack - and returned to the venue in every single season, since then. Although the debut was massively rained off.



Opened 20. August 2000
Location Deutschland
Track length4,534 km
DTM-Lap record1.17,098 Min. (21. Mai 2017)
Driven byRené Rast (Audi)
Most victoriesBernd Schneider, Gary Paffett, Jamie Green (3)
The best brandMercedes (13)
Website www.lausitzring.de

DTM-Lap record

René Rast

Winner 2017 #1

Lucas Auer

Winner 2017 #2

Jamie Green

The Lausitzring is the youngest German circuit on the DTM calendar. The circuit opened in 2000 features as only tri-oval on German soil. DTM made its debut appearance at this circuit in September 2000. But due to heavy rain the race was started behind the safety car and in the end it wasn't really started at all. Due to an insufficient drainage system, the circuit was flooded. But the problem was solved quickly and DTM stopped at the Lausitzring in every year since then.

The Lausitzring made for sad headlines in 2001 when the American CART series made its first appearance at the circuit. With 13 laps to go, the former Formula One ace Alessandro Zanardi had a bad crash and lost both his lower legs. Despite this handicap Zanardi still is a successful driver who races for BMW. And the Lausitzring also coped well with the early setbacks. Today it's well-established in the German motor-racing environment and popular with both drivers and fans. In addition to DTM it stages quite a number of further motor-sport meetings and other events.

...DTM has contested a total of 18 race meetings at the Lausitzring, since 2000.

... in the debut meeting both races had to be cancelled due to torrential rain.

... DTM even stopped twice at the Lausitzring, in 2005.

... that the two races contested this year at the Eastern-German circuit will be the 20th and 21st DTM races held at the Lausitzring.

... the races are contested on the Lausitzring's 3.478-kilometre version, since 2007.

... Mercedes-AMG driver Lucas Auer and Audi driver Jamie Green won last year's races at the Lausitzring.

... Gary Paffett, Jamie Green and Bernd Schneider are the most successful drivers at the Lausitzring with three wins each.

... Mattias Ekström won the race with the smallest gap, in 2004. When he crossed the line, his lead over Christijan Albers in second position amounted to just 0.308 seconds.

... Bernd Schneider secured the most superior win, in 2002: he took the chequered flag 10.935 seconds before Mattias Ekström.

... René Rast established the current DTM lap record in 2017 by crossing the line in 1:17.098 minutes.

... Mercedes are the most successful brand at the Lausitzring with 13 wins on their tally.

... Audi driver Jamie Green was the only 'New DTM' driver to date who succeeded - in 2015 - in winning both rounds of a Lausitzring meeting.

„The track offers something of everything - tight corners, fast passages and long straights. The fans always get to see a lot of action there."Marco Wittmann

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Type: integrated into the area

Distance to track: directly – about 10 minutes walk

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On the region: The Lausitzring is located in Brandenburg, in the Lausitz region (Slavic for marshy meadow).

Grandstand lead: 'Haupttribüne' upper tier: very high and steep, good vision of the entire infield and the pit-lane action.

The must-have souvenir: 'Get One' - a small snack for all occasions. A real Spreewald cucumber in a can.

Culture lead: Spreewald (historic channel landscape), the former cloth-maker city of Cottbus with its Staatstheater (50 kilometres away).

To be tried at all costs: Potato in the skin with curd and linseed oil, Peitzer trout, 'Fürst-Pückler Ice' (combination of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice in a waffle).

Attention, slang: geh'mamal = let's go, Plinsen = pancake, kipp hinter! = drink up!

For partygoers: Youth culture centre 'Glad-House' in Cottbus; students' club 'Bärenzwinger' in Dresden (disco, concerts, cabaret, readings, games and sport).

Shop here: Dresden: the baroque 'Königstraße', flea market at Dreden's bank of River Elbe - one of the biggest and most beautiful flea markets in Germany.

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