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Friday, 22. June 2018 to Sunday, 24. June 2018

Short and just good. The Norisring has been a highlight in the DTM racing calendar for years. At the Nuremberg Zeppelin Field the DTM drivers are among the absolute regular guests. Since the series premiere in 1984, the DTM was only in 1985 and 1986 at the Norisring not launched. It is the atmosphere that makes this event something special. The Norisring is the only remaining street circuit in Germany, the spectators can see from the large stone grandstand almost the entire route. The fact that the races are usually held in midsummer, contributes to the magnificent atmosphere between Grundig turn and Dutzendteich.

Race highlights

The DTM carries out two races on all race weekends. The distance is always 55 minutes plus one lap.

The FIA Formula 3 European Championship is the leading junior series in Europe. Anyone who shines here has good prospects for a cockpit in the DTM or Formula 1.

The FHR 100 Miles Trophy, which contested its first season in 2017, includes GT cars built from 1966 to 1988.


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Opened 18. Mai 1947
Location Deutschland
Track length2,3 km
DTM-Lap record47,846 Sek. (2. Juli 2017)
Driven byBruno Spengler (BMW)
Most victoriesBruno Spengler, Jamie Green (4)
The best brandMercedes 15)
Website www.norisring.de

Lap record

Bruno Spengler

Winner 2018 #1

Edoardo Mortara

Winner 2018 #2

Marco Wittmann

The Norisring stands for pure motor-racing tradition. Integral component is the lithic Zeppelin grandstand. For the first time, the 'Zeppelinfeld' staged a motor-racing event on 18th May, 1947. In that event, motorbikes battled it out on the new street circuit around the striking grandstand. Motorbike races remained the main attraction of the Norisring events up to the early 1960s when car races began to represent the main attraction for the Norisring crowds - although the first of them was held as early as in 1948. Since DTM made its debut appearance at Nuremberg's street circuit in 1984, it has been representing - apart from 1985 and 1986 - an integral part of the DTM calendar. Year by year, the street circuit is extra erected for DTM and is - apart from Monaco and Pau - one of the last street circuits in Europe.

In the first decades, the track length varied from two to four kilometres. Since 1972, however, its length always amounts to 2.3 kilometres and consequently is the shortest on the DTM calendar. On the race weekend, the atmosphere at the Norisring always is special - with a lot of partying going on year by year. Particularly popular is the Dutzendteich that also is passed by the field, in the races. Every stand has got its special attraction as you are extremely close to the action everywhere. Nonetheless, the main attraction remains the lithic grandstand located right at the home straight.

After the revival of DTM in 2000, Joachim Winkelhock in an Opel Astra secured the first Norisring win in the era of 'New DTM'. The most successful driver in the following years was Jamie Green who well deserved the title 'Mr Norisring by winning in Nuremberg four times - in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 - and added three second places to his streak of success in 2011, 2014 and 2016. In 2013, the race ended with a special result: no winner. Mattias Ekström crossed the line in first position and parked his car in the Parc Fermé but was disqualified later. The reason: water was deliberately poured over his overall to increase the overall weight. Only once before in the DTM history, at Hockenheim in 1984, there had been a race without a winner.

Last year Bruno Spengler won the Saturday race. A nearly historic triumph for BMW as they hadn't won a race at Nuremberg's street circuit for 25 years and Spengler's last win to date had been the one he secured in 2013 at Spielberg. It was the Canadian's 15th win in his DTM career and in 2006, when he still raced for Mercedes, the Norisring also was the venue of his first DTM win.

…the Norisring is erected year by year by about 600 voluntary helpers. They lay some three kilometres of water pipes, more than five kilometres of power-supply lines, some five kilometres of threefold crash barriers, five kilometres of safety fences, one kilometre of mobile concrete crash barriers, more than 110 six-pack tyre piles (6 x 6 tyres), and 12 kilometres of hoarding fences.

…the 2.3-kilometre circuit is the shortest on the DTM calendar.

…Norisring (63%) is - behind Spielberg (67%) - the circuit with the second-biggest flat-out percentage on the DTM calendar.

…Bruno Spengler established back in 2008 a new lap record by crossing the line in 48.446 seconds - a record that was broken only last year - by the Canadian himself who now improved the lap record to 47.846 seconds.

…Jamie Green won the DTM race at the Norisring in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and added his fourth Norisring win for Mercedes-Benz in 2012. The only driver who secured just as many triumphs in Nuremberg is DTM-Champion Bruno Spengler who won in 2006, 2007, 2011 and 2017.

...the Norisring is the only circuit on the calendar whose layout wasn't modified since the revival of the series in 2000.

...four brands could secure race wins in Nuremberg, since 2000. In the debut year - when the drivers still had to contest two races, Joachim Winkelhock won for Opel and Bernd Schneider for Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz drivers also won in 2001 (Uwe Alzen), 2003 (Christijan Albers), 2004 and 2005 (Gary Paffett) as well as 2006, 2007 and 2011 (Bruno Spengler) as well as from 2008 to 2010 and 2012 (Jamie Green). In 2002, Laurent Aiello gave Audi their last Norisring win to date while BMW had to wait until last year when Bruno Spengler and Maxime Martin added two wins to the tally that featured quite a number of wins Norisring wins in old DTM: in 1984, in the debut race in Nuremberg, by Winfried Vogt, 1987 by Olaf Manthey, 1990 by Roberto Ravaglia and 1992 By Joachim Winkelhock.

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Camping at the Norisring

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Distance to track: directly

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Camping Knaus

Type: Camping yard

Size: 120 plots

Distance to track: about 1,2 km

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On the city:Bavaria's second-biggest city, Nuremberg, is located in the heart of Franconia. And it is the home of the legendary Norisring. Absolutely worth seeing is the restored medieval old town including the mighty emperor's castle. Apropos: Nuremberg also features the oldest Bratwurst restaurant in the world, founded in 1313 - the cradle of the famous 'Nürnberger Bratwurst' that already was loved by Nuremberg's most famous son, Albrecht Dürer.

Grandstand lead: 'S-Kurve', car contacts guaranteed, view of the chicane and the end of the home straight.

Culture lead: The highlight of Nuremberg most definitely is the medieval old town with the castle and the Albrecht-Dürer-Haus. The cosy atmosphere between half-timber and cobblestone pavement thrilled every Nuremberg visitor to date. At the same time, the city also features numerous cultural highlights. The 'Germanische Nationalmuseum' for instance, is the biggest culture-historical museum in the German speaking part of Europe. The latest information on exhibitions, events and other points of interest in Nuremberg can be found at our website, tourismus.nuernberg.de. For your stay in Nuremberg, our Nürnberg Card is your perfect companion. With this ticket, you can use every Nuremberg public transportation and enter all the museums and points of interest of the city for two days!

To be tasted at all costs: The 'Nürnberger Bratwurst'! These Bratwursts with their size of a finger are a registered trademark and may be produced solely in Nuremberg's urban area. Everywhere in the old city you will find Bratwurst kitchens that offer this specialty - usually six of them with sauerkraut. But three of them in a roll - a Franconian would say 'Drei im Weggla' also represent a culinary highlight.

Attention, slang: a Seidla = a beer, allmächt na = for heaven's sake, fei = filler word that can't be translated, Nämberch = Nuremberg

For partygoers: The major part of Nuremberg's nightlife takes part in the old town. There, in particular below the castle and in the Weißgerbergasse, you can find numerous pubs, bars and clubs. And in summer, the countless beer gardens offer a particularly nice possibility to enjoy the urban atmosphere.

Shop here: Nuremberg has got one of the biggest and oldest pedestrian areas in Germany. Here, in the southern part of the old town, you can buy everything your heart desires. One of Nuremberg's point of interest with a special ambience is the 'Handwerkerhof' (Craftsmen Yard). Surrounded by towers and walls of the medieval town fortification, the 'Kleine Stadt am Königstor' (small town at the king's gate) invites to an eventful shopping tour. Amazing what is going on in the small workshops, shops and ginnels and how many extraordinary products can be admired and purchased. Tradition-rich craftsmen, such as tin moulders, bag-makers, potters, wax-artists, goldsmiths and silversmiths, glass painters, gingerbread bakers and doll makers established their workshops in the beautiful half-timber houses and demonstrate their skills.

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