The second DTM race weekend of the season 2017 at the Lausitzring

Motorsportfestival Lausitzring

Friday, 19. May 2017 to Sunday, 21. May 2017

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About the event

In 1999, the history of Berlin’s legendary Avus definitely was over. An important chapter in Germany’s Motor-racing history came to its end – but another already was about to begin. On 20th August 2000, just one year after the ceremony on the occasion of the end of the racetrack in the heart of Berlin, 110,000 motor-racing enthusiasts travelled to Klettwitz for the opening ceremony of the Lausitzring. And only two weeks later, DTM made its debut appearance at the easternmost racetrack of the country – to return to the Lausitzring in every single season to date. Although the debut couldn’t be contested due to torrential rain. 

About the racetrack

Opened 20. August 2000
Length 3,478 km
DTM lap record Mike Rockenfeller (Audi) 1.18,268 Min. (16. Juni 2013)

Highlights on the weekend

Enthralling race action and far more

A DTM weekend is far more than just a motor-racing event. Apart from to the enthralling race action provided by DTM and the top-class race series in its support programme, visiting the paddock represents a particular highlight. There’s a lot to be watched and in addition, the DTM aces will be available for autographing sessions and rounds of interviews. And there will be top-class concerts featuring renowned musicians. To cut a long story short: a memorable event for the entire family.


  • About the region: The EuroSpeedway is located in Brandenburg’s Lower Lausitz region. (Slavonic: soggy meadow).

  • About the circuit: Since 2007, the DTM circuit features a better overtaking opportunity, thanks to the re-design of turn one. 

  • Grandstand tip: Grandstand, upper balcony: very high and very steep, good view of the pit facilities, the entire infield and the pit-lane action.

  • The must-have souvenir: ‘Get One’, a nice snack for in between. A true Spreewald Gherkin in a tin. 

  • Culture tip: Spreewald (historic channel territory), former clothier city Cottbus with its ‘Staatstheater’ (50 km away).

  • To be tasted at all costs: Potato in the skin with curd and linseed oil, Peitzer Forelle (trout), Fürst-Pückler-Eis (ice selection, comprising strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, in a wafer sandwich).

  • Caution, Slang: Geh‘mamal = So let’s go, Plinsen = Pancake, Kipp hinter! = Drink up!

  • For partygoers: Juvenile Culture Centre ‘Glad-House’ in Cottbus; Student club ‘Bärenzwinger’ in Dresden (Disco, concerts, cabaret, readings, games and sports).

  • Shop here: Dresden: The baroque Königstraße, jumble sale at Dresden’s banks of River Elbe – one of the biggest and most beautiful jumble sales of Germany.


-6.6 °C
-7 °C -6 °C

Pressure 1021 hPa
Sunrise 07:06 Uhr
Sunset 17:30 Uhr

Lausitzallee 1
01998 Schipkau

Speedway Camp / Endurance Camp or car park C4

Type: integratred into the terrain
Distance  to the circuit: from right there to a 10-minute walk
Here you find all the details on camping at the Lausitzring 


DTM Reglement

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