2012 season | DTM

2012: Successful return

Champion: Bruno Spengler

The 2012 DTM season was dominated by BMW. The Munich-based brand returned with a factory-backed commitment after having left it at the end of 1992 season, and successfully
so, as BMW won half of the ten races of the season, secured the drivers’ title with Bruno Spengler plus the team and manufacturers’ titles. Opening race winner Gary Paffett lost the lead of the standings to Spengler only at the season’s finale. Audi, with Edoardo Mortara, took only two victories.

All results at a glance 2012

1Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.680
2Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.895
3Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:36.276
4Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.195
5Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.264
6Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.287
7Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:34.299
8Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.389
9Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:34.512
10Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:34.819
11Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.390
12Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.509
13Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.538
14Felipe AlbuquerquePRTAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.555
15Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.783
16Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:35.140
17Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.926
18David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.932
19Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:35.104
20Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:35.167
21Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:35.776
22Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:36.012
1Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:04:37.61540
2Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:04:42.32440
3Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:04:57.04940
4Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:05:03.38940
5Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:05:05.44940
6Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:05:06.05040
7Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:05:17.56340
8David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:05:20.92140
9Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:05:23.69440
10Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:05:24.22940
11Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:05:24.86840
12Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:05:29.58640
13Joey handUSABMW M3 DTM1:05:46.24340
14Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:05:46.64240
15Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:05:47.17140
16Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:05:53.73840
17Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:05:02.38239
18Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:02:40.01138
-Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM22:09.37213
-Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM6:54.4094
-Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM5:21.3303
-Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM5:25.9393
1Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM
2Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
3Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM
4Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
5Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM
6Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM
7Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
8Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
9Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM
10Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM
11David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
12Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM
13Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM
14Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM
15Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM
16Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM
17Felipe AlbuquerquePRTAudi RS 5 DTM
18Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
19Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
20Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM
21Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM
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1Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:18.777
2Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:18.815
3Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:18.820
4Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:19.206
5Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:18.374
6Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:18.461
7Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:18.490
8Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:18.569
9Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:18.667
10Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:18.686
11Felipe AlbuquerquePRTAudi RS 5 DTM1:18.749
12Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:18.758
13Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:18.771
14Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:18.817
15Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:18.840
16Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:18.862
17Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:19.506
18Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:19.557
19Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:19.584
20David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:19.672
21Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:19.737
22Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:20.415
1Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:09:45.79552
2Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:46.81452
3Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:09:52.86452
4Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:53.47152
5Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:07.15752
6Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:08.40252
7Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:10:11.24152
8Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:17.99752
9Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:18.45352
10Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:21.30852
11Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:31.49452
12David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:32.15052
13Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:33.46252
14Joey handUSABMW M3 DTM1:10:33.82952
15Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:34.63152
16Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:42.24952
17Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:10:44.77952
18Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:50.44152
19Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:10:50.99652
20Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:54.36552
21Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:04.61251
22Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:03:43.63647
1Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
2Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
3Felipe AlbuquerquePRTAudi RS 5 DTM
4Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM
5Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
6Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
7Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM
8Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM
9Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM
10Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM
11Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM
12Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM
13Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM
14Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM
15Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
16David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
17Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
18Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM
19Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM
20Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM
21Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
22Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM
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1Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé41.266
2Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé41.410
3Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM41.462
4Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM41.484
5Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM41.101
6Felipe AlbuquerquePRTAudi RS 5 DTM41.142
7Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM41.156
8Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM41.163
9Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM41.172
10Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé41.284
11Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM41.381
12Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM41.392
13Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM41.399
14Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM41.403
15Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM41.479
16Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé41.524
17Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé41.584
18Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé41.587
19Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM41.655
20David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé41.657
21Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé41.677
22Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM41.956
1Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:01.58597
2Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:10:06.65097
3Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:07.16497
4Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:10:07.58297
5Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:24.00197
6Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:24.78097
7Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:25.27497
8Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:25.86997
9Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:27.36497
10Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:31.16797
11Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:10:31.88797
12Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:34.60097
13Joey handUSABMW M3 DTM1:10:37.56297
14Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:37.92597
15David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:09.68596
16Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:10:13.09596
17Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:15.55696
18Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:16.73496
19Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:36.39896
20Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé59:55.83381
-Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM40:38.39055
-Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM9:41.40512
0Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
1Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM
2Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM
3Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM
4Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM
5Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
6Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM
7Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM
8Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
9Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM
10Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
11Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM
12Felipe AlbuquerquePRTAudi RS 5 DTM
13Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM
14Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
15Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
16Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
17David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
18Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM
19Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM
20Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM
21Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM
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1Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.171
2Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:26.292
3Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.319
4Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:26.408
5Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:25.927
6Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:25.963
7Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:26.022
8Felipe AlbuquerquePRTAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.294
9Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:26.309
10Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:26.340
11Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:26.068
12Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.251
13Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.274
14Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:26.320
15Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.449
16Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.519
17Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:26.605
18Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:26.620
19Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:26.725
20Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:26.914
21Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:27.057
22David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:27.117
1Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:12:30.27747
2Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:12:31.34547
3Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:12:32.41947
4Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:12:33.04647
5Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:12:35.68347
6Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:13:05.62847
7Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:13:07.53747
8Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:13:08.33947
9Joey handUSABMW M3 DTM1:13:09.69647
10Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:13:10.18147
11Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:13:13.84447
12Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:13:15.61647
13Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:13:35.94747
14Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:13:36.43847
15Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:13:37.26547
-Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM52:42.16133
-David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé36:32.90422
-Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM29:05.40217
-Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM2:32.2671
-Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM2:57.4241
-Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM00.000
-Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.000
1Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM
2Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM
3Felipe AlbuquerquePRTAudi RS 5 DTM
4Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
5Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM
6Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
7Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM
8Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
9Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM
10Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM
11Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM
12David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
13Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM
14Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
15Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
16Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM
17Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
18Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
19Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM
20Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM
21Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM
22Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM
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1Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé49.139
2Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé49.171
3Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM49.255
4Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM49.369
5Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé49.023
6Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM49.049
7Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM49.100
8Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé49.156
9Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM49.186
10Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM49.195
11Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM49.029
12Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM49.038
13Felipe AlbuquerquePRTAudi RS 5 DTM49.091
14David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé49.130
15Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM49.135
16Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM49.297
17Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé49.248
18Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé49.348
19Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé49.378
20Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM49.466
21Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM49.525
22Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM49.539
1Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:00.00578
2Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:15:00.69278
3Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:15:02.34078
4Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:14.67178
5David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:36.86678
6Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:37.06778
7Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:15:44.53478
8Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:46.24178
9Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:49.25978
10Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:15:49.30678
11Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:07.00977
12Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:12.91777
13Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:22.89577
14Joey handUSABMW M3 DTM1:15:24.41577
15Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:16.87076
16Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:23.46776
17Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:23.01775
-Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé44:37.80045
-Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM40:57.61741
-Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé21:20.40020
-Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM15:54.55015
-Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.5421
1Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM
2Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
3Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM
4Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
5Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM
6Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM
7Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM
8Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
9Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM
10David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
11Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM
12Felipe AlbuquerquePRTAudi RS 5 DTM
13Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM
14Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM
15Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
16Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
17Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM
18Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
19Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM
20Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
21Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM
22Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM
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1Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:24.284
2Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:24.50500.221
3Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:24.55500.271
4Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:24.72700.443
5Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:24.241
6Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:24.28800.004
7Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:24.31200.028
8Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:24.42200.138
9Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:24.42300.139
10Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:24.74800.464
11Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:24.48600.202
12Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:24.50700.223
13Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:24.53900.255
14Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:24.66400.380
15Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:24.70500.421
16Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:24.74700.463
17Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:24.89000.606
18Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:24.94400.660
19Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:24.97400.690
20Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:25.11400.830
21Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:25.27500.991
22David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:25.2971.013
1Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:11:12.84749
2Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:11:19.5506.70349
3Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:11:23.6494.09949
4Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:11:34.86611.21749
5Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:11:35.9011.03549
6Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:11:36.612+00.71149
7Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:11:37.8881.27649
8Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:11:42.4484.56049
9Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:11:43.269+00.82149
10Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:11:46.5333.26449
11Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:11:48.2831.75049
12Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:11:53.6755.39249
13Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:11:55.3731.69849
14Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:11:55.952+00.57949
15Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:11:59.4053.45349
16Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:12:06.0876.68249
17Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:12:21.88315.79649
18Joey handUSABMW M3 DTM1:12:25.0613.17849
19Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:12:38.58613.52549
20David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:11:41.3721L48
-Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM21:22.85634L14
-Roberto MerhiESPFALSCH9
-Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé13:39.2645L9
1Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM
2Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM00.198
3Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM00.203
4Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.230
5Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM00.232
6Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM00.248
7Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM00.249
8Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM00.252
9Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.281
10Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.340
11Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM00.362
12Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.391
13Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM00.410
14Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM00.437
15Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.468
16David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.470
17Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.477
18Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM00.567
19Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM00.745
20Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM00.768
21Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM00.918
22Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1.197
No results found / Keine zugeordneten News
1Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.365
2Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.615
3Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.936
4Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:33.094
5Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:31.605
6Jamie Green GBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:31.643
7Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:31.767
8Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:31.820
9Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:31.973
10Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.127
11Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:31.992
12Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:31.997
13Miguel Molina ESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.092
14Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:32.241
15Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:32.295
16Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:32.445
17Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:33.052
18Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:33.156
19Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.161
20Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:33.285
21Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:33.327
22David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.409
1Edoardo MortaraITAAudi A5 DTM1:16:17.67943
2Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:19.1921.51343
3Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:26.0966.90443
4Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:30.9624.86643
5Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:38.9928.03043
6Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:16:44.0765.08443
7Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:51.4707.39443
8Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:16:51.60200.13243
9Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:16:52.38500.78343
10Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:54.0591.67443
11Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:54.45000.39143
12Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:17:00.8146.36443
13Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:17:10.8069.99243
14Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:17:01.3051L42
15Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:03:15.7458L34
-Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM52:47.0476L28
-David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé44:14.1106L22
-Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM13:34.53316L6
-Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé2:38.1135L1
-Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM
-Rahel FreySUIAudi A5 DTM
-Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
1Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
2Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM00.132
3Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM00.033
4Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.020
5Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM00.064
6Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.098
7Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM00.327
8David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.103
9Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.007
10Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM00.028
11Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.037
12Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM00.097
13Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM00.015
14Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.381
15Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM00.050
16Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM00.056
17Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.089
18Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM00.234
19Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM00.404
20Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM00.014
21Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM00.039
22Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1.251
No results found / Keine zugeordneten News
1Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:20.916
2Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:21.00200.086
3Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:21.22600.224
4Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:21.91100.685
5Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:20.927
6Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:20.99900.072
7Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:21.04800.049
8Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:21.05900.011
9Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:21.15500.096
10Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:21.94900.794
11Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:21.157
12Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:21.17300.016
13Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:21.17600.003
14Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:21.28000.104
15Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:21.28600.006
16Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:21.58300.297
17Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:21.65400.071
18Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:21.87500.221
19Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:22.02600.151
20Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:22.03500.009
21David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:22.16900.134
22Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:22.42200.253
1Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:12:09.60751
2Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:12:10.236+00.62951
3Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:12:25.11914.88351
4Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:12:31.9186.79951
5Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:12:34.0302.11251
6Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:12:36.5472.51751
7Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:12:43.3446.79751
8Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:12:44.238+00.89451
9Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:12:52.5508.31251
10Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:12:54.4591.90951
11Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:12:55.7471.28851
12Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:13:04.9039.15651
13Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:13:24.19419.29151
14Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:13:25.152+00.95851
15Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:12:21.9811L50
16Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:23.7653L47
17Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM57:09.0488L39
-Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM29:37.33219L20
-Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé18:45.8088L12
-Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM8:57.4666L6
-Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM9:09.46211.9966
-David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:49.5205L1
1Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM
2Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM00.085
3Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM00.174
4Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.012
5Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM00.054
6Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.035
7Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM00.043
8Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM00.021
9Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM00.080
10Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.072
11Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM00.023
12Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM00.009
13David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.038
14Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.015
15Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM00.075
16Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM00.082
17Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.115
18Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM00.032
19Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.006
20Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé
21Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM
22Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM
No results found / Keine zugeordneten News
1Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:26.446
2Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.756
3Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.894
4Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.981
5Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.789
6Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:26.824
7Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.849
8Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:26.936
9Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:27.039
10Miguel Molina ESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:27.040
11Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:26.813
12Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:26.818
13Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:26.977
14Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:27.128
15Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:27.260
16Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:27.288
17Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:27.377
18Jamie Green GBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:27.380
19Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:27.454
20Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:27.533
21David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:28.012
22Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:28.090
1Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:08:22.52246
2Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:30.9288.40646
3Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:31.489+00.56146
4Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:45.58914.10046
5Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:50.5884.99946
6Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:09:02.35311.76546
7Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:10.8408.48746
8Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:09:12.0841.24446
9Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:09:20.8498.76546
10Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:33.11812.26946
11David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:34.7501.63246
12Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:42.9108.16046
13Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:24.2141L45
14Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:24.807+00.59345
15Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:04:25.9973L42
16Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM56:44.1754L38
-Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM43:35.4799L29
-Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé42:07.5702L27
-Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM37:33.8292L25
-Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé4:48.04222L3
-Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé2:23.6992L1
-Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM--0
1Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM
2Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM00.164
3Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM00.094
4Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM00.008
5Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM00.025
6Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM00.156
7Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM00.038
8Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM00.013
9Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM00.013
10Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM00.026
11Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM00.121
12Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM00.024
13Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM00.113
14Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM00.091
15Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.053
16Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.309
17Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.035
18Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.083
19David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.196
20Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.025
21Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.264
22Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.056
No results found / Keine zugeordneten News
1Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:34.140
2Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.261
3Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:34.268
4Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.627
5Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM1:34.031
6Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:34.050
7Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:34.079
8Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.159
9Jamie Green GBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.251
10Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.288
11Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.304
12Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.358
13Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:34.375
14Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.477
15Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:34.720
16Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.722
17Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.723
18Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:35.032
19Miguel Molina ESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:35.080
20David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:35.275
21Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:35.325
-Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM
1Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM1:07:59.06942
2Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:01.2832.21442
3Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM1:08:11.0239.74042
4Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:22.54811.52542
5Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM1:08:24.4531.90542
6Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:40.77016.31742
7Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM1:08:41.334+00.56442
8Joey handUSABMW M3 DTM1:08:41.912+00.57842
9Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:42.9471.03542
10Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:44.2071.26042
11Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:57.30113.09442
12Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:13.08915.78842
13Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:35.00021.91142
14Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM1:08:06.6011L41
15Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:07.116+00.51541
16Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:04.64357.52741
-Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM41:49.30216L25
-David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé39:07.0022L23
-Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé33:25.9313L20
-Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM17:58.5219L11
-Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM3:41.7219L2
-Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM2:13.9311L1
1Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM
2Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM00.150
3Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM00.134
4Andy PriaulxGBRBMW M3 DTM00.042
5Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.014
6Martin TomczykGERBMW M3 DTM00.012
7Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM00.014
8Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM00.011
9Dirk WernerGERBMW M3 DTM00.011
10Felipe AlbuquerquePORAudi RS 5 DTM00.051
11Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M3 DTM00.023
12Ralf SchumacherGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.091
13Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM00.021
14Augusto FarfusBRABMW M3 DTM00.040
15Jamie GreenGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.188
16Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.104
17Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.003
18Joey HandUSABMW M3 DTM00.023
19David CoulthardGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.022
20Susie WolffGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.183
21Roberto MerhiESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé00.105
22Rahel FreySUIAudi RS 5 DTM00.136
No results found / Keine zugeordneten News
1Bruno Spengler(CAN)149
2Gary Paffett(GBR)145
3Jamie Green(GBR)121
4Mike Rockenfeller(DEU)85
5Edoardo Mortara(ITA)82
6Mattias Ekström(SWE)81
7Augusto Farfus(BRA)69
8Martin Tomczyk(DEU)69
9Dirk Werner(DEU)29
10Adrien Tambay(FRA)28
11Felipe Albuquerque(PRT)26
12Christian Vietoris(DEU)25
13Andy Priaulx(GBR)24
14Timo Scheider(DEU)19
15David Coulthard(GBR)14
16Robert Wickens(CAN)14
17Ralf Schumacher(DEU)10
18Miguel Molina(ESP)8
19Rahel Frey(CHE)6
20Joey Hand(USA)6

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