2014 season | DTM

2014: The young gun takes it all

Champion: Marco Wittmann

Marco Wittmann surprised all the experts by winning the season opener. Over the course of the season, the BMW driver celebrated another three race wins and at the Lausitzring, Wittmann succeeded in winning the title early, with Pascal Wehrlein (Mercedes-Benz) making history at the same time: the 19-year old left the Lausitzring as youngest DTM race winner in the history of the sport. Meanwhile, Mathias Ekström (Audi) won the final two races to finish the season as vice-champion.

All results at a glance 2014

1Adrien Tambay FRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.272
2Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:32.41900.147
3Bruno Spengler CANBMW M4 DTM1:32.60000.181
4António Félix da Costa PORBMW M4 DTM1:32.60800.008
5Mattias Ekström SWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.62400.016
6Edoardo Mortara ITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.89800.111
7Martin Tomczyk GERBMW M4 DTM1:33.11300.215
8Timo Glock GERBMW M4 DTM1:32.603
9Timo Scheider GERAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.70600.103
10Mike Rockenfeller GERAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.71700.011
11Augusto Farfus BRABMW M4 DTM1:32.73900.022
12Nico Müller SUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.75600.017
13Maxime Martin BELBMW M4 DTM1:32.79200.036
14Gary Paffett GBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:32.83400.042
15Pascal Wehrlein GERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:32.84000.006
16Joey Hand USABMW M4 DTM1:32.88500.045
17Jamie Green GBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.98600.101
18Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.63900.653
19Daniel Juncadella ESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.74600.107
20Robert Wickens CANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.87500.129
21Christian Vietoris GERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.24200.367
22Vitaly Petrov RUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.36700.125
dqMiguel Molina ESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:32.78700.163
1Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:06:40.548 42
2Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:06:53.41712.86942
3Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:06:55.4272.01042
4Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:06:58.1412.71442
5Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:07:02.3284.18742
6Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:07:04.0611.73342
7Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:07:04.630+00.56942
8Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:07:05.461+00.83142
9Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:07:06.6861.22542
10Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:07:15.3078.62142
11Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:07:34.40519.09842
12Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:07:37.8123.40742
13Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:07:39.7091.89742
14Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:07:41.4061.69742
15Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:07:42.6101.20442
16Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:07:43.027+00.41742
17Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:07:47.1394.11242
18Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:07:51.7004.56142
19Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:06:43.5611L41
20Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:07:11.56928.00841
21Antonio Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:01:57.4143L38
22Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM49:32.1577L31
-Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM3:38.735 2
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1Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:20.51600.509
2Adrien Tambay FRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:20.51900.003
3António Félix da Costa PORBMW M4 DTM1:20.58200.063
4Timo Scheider GERAudi RS 5 DTM1:20.66800.086
5Mike Rockenfeller GERAudi RS 5 DTM1:20.67600.008
6Bruno Spengler CANBMW M4 DTM1:20.70300.027
7Edoardo Mortara ITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:21.11300.410
8Augusto Farfus BRABMW M4 DTM1:20.663
9Pascal Wehrlein GERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:20.66800.005
10Jamie Green GBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:20.76700.099
11Mattias Ekström SWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:20.78800.021
12Martin Tomczyk GERBMW M4 DTM1:20.80100.013
13Maxime Martin BELBMW M4 DTM1:20.90400.103
14Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:20.95700.053
15Joey Hand USABMW M4 DTM1:20.97300.016
16Christian Vietoris GERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:21.08200.109
17Gary Paffett GBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:21.32200.240
18Timo Glock GERBMW M4 DTM1:21.43900.117
19Robert Wickens CANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:21.59500.156
20Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:21.79500.200
21Daniel Juncadella ESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:21.91500.120
22Vitaly Petrov RUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:22.13200.217
agMiguel Molina ESPAudi RS 5 DTMExclusion
1Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:28.785 44
2Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:29.459+00.67444
3Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:36.5547.09544
4Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:37.6911.13744
5Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:15:38.111+00.42044
6Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:41.8363.72544
7Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:49.2887.45244
8Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:49.382+00.09444
9Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:15:51.8642.48244
10Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:53.1251.26144
11Antonio Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:15:53.405+00.28044
12Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:15:55.6772.27244
13Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:55.986+00.30944
14Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:15:59.8173.83144
15Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:16:08.5878.77044
16Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:13.1094.52244
17Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:24.27811.16944
18Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:14:12.4451L43
19Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:16:21.356+2:08.91143
-Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé 0
-Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé 0
-Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM 0
-Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé 0
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1Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:36.518
2Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:36.73100.213
3Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:36.75700.026
4Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:36.77700.020
5António Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:36.89600.119
6Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:37.06100.165
7Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:37.13400.073
8Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:37.17400.040
9Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:37.25700.030
10Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:37.25900.002
11Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:37.30100.042
12Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:37.35200.051
13Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:37.61100.259
14Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:37.64400.033
15Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:37.76600.122
16Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:37.84600.080
17Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:37.85700.011
18Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:37.94500.088
19Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:38.13300.124
20Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:38.21600.083
21Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:38.38400.168
22Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:38.96000.576
23Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:39.02200.062
1Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:08:35.291 41
2Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:41.9066.61541
3Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:08:57.13315.22741
4Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:05.2518.11841
5Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:05.403+00.15241
6Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:09:05.648+00.24541
7Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:09.6944.04641
8Antonio Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:09:09.851+00.15741
9Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:10.117+00.26641
10Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:11.3081.19141
11Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:14.0232.71541
12Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:16.3962.37341
13Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:09:35.30518.90941
14Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:35.461+00.15641
15Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:09:39.6984.23741
16Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:40.100+00.40241
17Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:55.03014.93041
18Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:00.9265.89641
19Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:10:03.9783.05241
20Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:01:58.6705L36
21Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM53:27.5115L31
-Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM16:53.11621L10
-Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé2:22.5129L1
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1Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé47.883
2Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé47.97600.093
3Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM47.99500.019
4Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé48.00800.013
5Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé48.03300.025
6Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé48.033
7Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM48.07900.046
8Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM48.21000.131
9Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM48.22300.081
10Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM48.23500.012
11Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM48.26700.032
12Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM48.29200.025
13Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM48.31600.024
14Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM48.32000.004
15Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM48.32900.009
16Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM48.329
17Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé48.37500.046
18Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM48.43400.059
19Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM48.41700.001
20Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM48.43900.022
21Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM48.48000.041
22António Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM48.48800.008
23Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé48.54400.056
1Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:21.118 82
2Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:45.0242390682
3Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:47.040201682
4Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:53.993695382
5Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:05.906+00.12782
6Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:16:07.168126282
7Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:16:09.109194182
8Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:09.921+00.81282
9Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:35.77925.85882
10Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:22.4851L81
11Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:15:26.220373581
12Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:35.248902881
13Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:44.436918881
14Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:15:46.468203281
15Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:51.347487981
16Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:15:38.4271L80
17Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:15:50.8641243780
18Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:56.244538080
19Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:06.7011045780
20Antonio Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:16:20.2521355180
21Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:19.1227L73
22Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:16.4032L71
-Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM57:03.88113L58
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1Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:28.619
2Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:28.63800.019
3Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:28.71400.076
4Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:28.714
5Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:28.75400.040
6Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:28.76000.006
7Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:28.84400.084
8Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:28.92500.081
9Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:28.80500.013
10Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:28.85500.050
11Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:28.93200.077
12Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:28.98000.048
13António Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:29.05800.078
14Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:29.14800.090
15Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:29.23100.083
16Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:29.27000.039
17Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:29.42500.155
18Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:29.50900.084
19Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:29.74900.023
20Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:29.83600.087
21Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:29.92500.089
22Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:30.03100.106
23Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:30.44300.412
1Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:15:09.422 46
2Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:15:13.6814.25946
3Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:18.8765.19546
4Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:15:19.013+00.13746
5Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:20.1621.14946
6Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:15:25.0544.89246
7Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:25.975+00.92146
8Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:28.7222.74746
9Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:30.4091.68746
10Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:15:30.532+00.12346
11Antonio Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:15:31.058+00.52646
12Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:31.090+00.03246
13Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:15:36.6035.51346
14Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:37.531+00.92846
15Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:38.047+00.51646
16Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:38.461+00.41446
17Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:15:39.181+00.72046
18Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:49.35510.17446
-Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM43:12.26119L27
-Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM43:12.651+00.39027
-Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM34:09.6655L22
-Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé12:30.50414L8
-Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM9:27.1452L6
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1Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:25.175
2Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:25.18100.006
3Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:25.22800.047
4Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:25.23700.009
5Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:25.24600.009
6Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:25.26600.020
7Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:25.36200.096
8Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:25.42400.062
9Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:25.259
10Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:25.30900.050
11Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:25.32300.014
12Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:25.33500.012
13António Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:25.34300.008
14Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:25.38500.042
15Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:25.40000.015
16Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:25.42300.023
17Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:25.70800.285
18Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:25.526
19Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:25.57700.051
20Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:25.59900.022
21Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:25.66600.067
22Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:25.85600.190
23Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:25.93200.076
1Marco Wittmann GERBMW M4 DTM1:08:23.18547
2Augusto Farfus BRABMW M4 DTM1:08:26.4833.29847
3Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:08:28.5762.09347
4Martin Tomczyk GERBMW M4 DTM1:08:29.42200.84647
5Timo Scheider GERAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:29.85100.42947
6Adrien Tambay FRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:35.3985.54747
7Mattias Ekström SWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:37.2311.83347
8Jamie Green GBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:37.64100.41047
9Christian Vietoris GERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:38.40900.76847
10Bruno Spengler CANBMW M4 DTM1:08:38.96700.55847
11Miguel Molina ESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:39.37700.41047
12Joey Hand USABMW M4 DTM1:08:39.39900.02247
13Mike Rockenfeller GERAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:40.9021.50347
14Maxime Martin BELBMW M4 DTM1:08:53.42012.51847
15Daniel Juncadella ESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:58.0214.60147
16Edoardo Mortara ITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:58.60500.58447
17Gary Paffett GBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:04.0375.43247
18Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:07.2923.25547
19Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:09.0121.72047
20Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:09.15600.14447
-Robert Wickens CANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé49:33.94534
-Pascal Wehrlein GERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé38:19.79626
-Antonio Félix da Costa PORBMW M4 DTM14:56.16810
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1Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:22.780
2Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:22.92500.145
3Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:22.95100.026
4Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:22.99600.045
5Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:23.04800.052
6Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:23.16300.115
7Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:23.22100.058
8Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:23.35400.133
9Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:23.33800.001
10Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:23.40500.067
11Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:23.42100.016
12Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:23.49500.074
13Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:23.56500.070
14Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:23.59200.027
15Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:23.59300.001
16Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:23.69100.098
17Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:23.77000.079
18Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:23.84100.071
19António Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:27.47900.065
20Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:27.56800.089
21Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:27.71400.146
22Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:28.50400.790
23Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:29.6121.108
1Marco Wittmann GERBMW M4 DTM1:09:42.80249
2Mike Rockenfeller GERAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:44.0881.28649
3Edoardo Mortara ITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:09:54.82110.73349
4Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:55.61700.79649
5Daniel Juncadella ESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:56.51900.90249
6Christian Vietoris GERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:07.72011.20149
7Maxime Martin BELBMW M4 DTM1:10:11.7234.00349
8Martin Tomczyk GERBMW M4 DTM1:10:21.3239.60049
9Robert Wickens CANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:25.9994.67649
10Pascal Wehrlein GERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:28.1792.18049
11Adrien Tambay FRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:30.8732.69449
12Bruno Spengler CANBMW M4 DTM1:10:32.6361.76349
13Antonio Félix da Costa PORBMW M4 DTM1:10:32.95200.31649
14Jamie Green GBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:10:35.5732.62149
15Gary Paffett GBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:10:39.8584.28549
16Timo Glock GERBMW M4 DTM1:10:41.3591.50149
17Joey Hand USABMW M4 DTM1:11:03.75722.39849
18Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:46.3991 Runde48
-Augusto Farfus BRABMW M4 DTM50:59.13335
-Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM14:35.59810
-Timo Scheider GERAudi RS 5 DTM11:52.9128
-Miguel Molina ESPAudi RS 5 DTM6:54.0034
-Mattias Ekström SWEAudi RS 5 DTM5:19.4603
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1Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:17.547
2Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:17.60400.057
3Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:17.71500.111
4Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:17.76100.046
5Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:17.77900.018
6Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:17.78600.007
7Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:18.14300.357
8Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:18.29100.148
9Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:18.141
10Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:18.15000.009
11Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:18.20200.052
12Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:18.25000.048
13Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:18.29900.049
14Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:18.31400.015
15Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:18.34300.029
16Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:18.37500.032
17Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:18.41600.041
18Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:18.46700.051
19Marco WittmannPORBMW M4 DTM1:18.49100.024
20António Félix da CostaSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:18.59100.100
21Mattias EkströmGERBMW M4 DTM1:18.62900.038
22Nico MuellerGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:18.69900.070
1Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:47.314 52
2Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:02.73215.41852
3Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:02.995+00.26352
4Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:05.3382.34352
5Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:19.99114.65352
6Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:16:35.74915.75852
7Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:16:49.69413.94552
8Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:16:55.0195.32552
9Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:56.0331.01452
10Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:17:00.7944.76152
11Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:17:02.0481.25452
12Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:17:06.5134.46552
13Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:15:50.3741L51
14Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:16:43.80253.42851
15Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:16:20.6281L50
16Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:24.5603.93250
17Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:11:43.6462L48
18Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:02:22.9577L41
-Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé57:52.13638
-Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM40:17.88126
-Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM29:39.32319
-Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM22:11.23114
-Antonio Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM9:41.2946
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1Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:30.713
2Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:30.73900.026
3Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:30.86900.112
4Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:30.95700.088
5Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:30.96800.011
6Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:31.06300.095
7Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:31.90400.841
8Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:30.89200.060
9Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:30.90800.016
10Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:30.96500.057
11Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:30.99700.032
12Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:31.00500.008
13Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:31.02700.022
14Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:31.10200.075
15Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:31.11800.016
16Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:31.42500.307
17Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:31.50400.079
18António Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:31.61100.102
19Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:31.66800.057
20Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:31.67300.005
21Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:31.78400.111
22Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.0021.218
dqEdoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM--
1Mattias Ekström SWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:35.76143
2Marco Wittmann GERBMW M4 DTM1:16:43.1757.41443
3Martin Tomczyk GERBMW M4 DTM1:16:46.9053.73043
4Edoardo Mortara ITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:47.9951.09043
5Christian Vietoris GERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:48.49100.49643
6Maxime Martin BELBMW M4 DTM1:16:50.0211.53043
7Pascal Wehrlein GERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:50.88900.86843
8Robert Wickens CANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:51.9431.05443
9Timo Scheider GERAudi RS 5 DTM1:16:52.55300.61043
10Joey Hand USABMW M4 DTM1:16:56.4973.94443
11Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:16:57.27900.78243
12Timo Glock GERBMW M4 DTM1:16:59.5602.28143
13Antonio Félix da Costa PORBMW M4 DTM1:16:59.99400.43443
14Jamie Green GBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:17:00.76900.77543
15Mike Rockenfeller GERAudi RS 5 DTM1:17:12.50711.73843
16Bruno Spengler CANBMW M4 DTM1:17:21.3528.84543
17Daniel Juncadella ESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:17:21.49000.13843
18Miguel Molina ESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:15:20.5761 Runde42
19Gary Paffett GBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:00:55.2838 Runden34
-Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM43:26.48025
-Augusto Farfus BRABMW M4 DTM28:49.57317
-Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé27:39.86016
-Adrien Tambay FRAAudi RS 5 DTM6:23.3134
No results found / Keine zugeordneten News
1Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:33.316
2Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:33.33200.016
3Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM1:33.40600.074
4Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:33.46000.054
5Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:33.48000.020
6Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.48300.003
7Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:33.58800.105
8Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:33.65000.062
9António Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:33.381
10Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.46800.087
11Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:33.49800.030
12Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.52500.027
13Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:33.64200.117
14Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:33.64300.001
15Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM1:33.66400.021
16Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.70800.044
17Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:33.72100.013
18Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:33.86400.143
19Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:33.775
20Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:33.82700.052
21Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:33.93900.112
22Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.06600.127
23Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:34.44300.377
1Mattias EkströmSWEAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:37.604 42
2Mike RockenfellerGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:40.0062.40242
3Jamie GreenGBRAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:41.5181.51242
4Paul Di RestaGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:41.767+00.24942
5Marco WittmannGERBMW M4 DTM1:08:42.566+00.79942
6Timo ScheiderGERAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:44.1441.57842
7Martin TomczykGERBMW M4 DTM1:08:45.130+00.98642
8Miguel MolinaESPAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:48.708+00.76042
9Antonio Félix da CostaPORBMW M4 DTM1:08:49.8021.09442
10Gary PaffettGBRDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:52.3852.58342
11Timo GlockGERBMW M4 DTM1:08:52.783+00.39842
12Bruno SpenglerCANBMW M4 DTM1:08:53.442+00.65942
13Nico MuellerSUIAudi RS 5 DTM1:08:53.577+00.13542
14Christian VietorisGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:08:55.1011.52442
15Joey HandUSABMW M4 DTM1:08:55.373+00.27242
16Augusto FarfusBRABMW M4 DTM1:09:00.6285.25542
17Robert WickensCANDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:09:17.94817.32042
18Vitaly PetrovRUSDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:07:14.1481L41
19Adrien TambayFRAAudi RS 5 DTM1:07:14.447+00.29941
20Pascal WehrleinGERDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé1:05:31.2091L40
21Daniel JuncadellaESPDTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé58:16.8764L36
22Edoardo MortaraITAAudi RS 5 DTM50:46.9315L31
-Maxime MartinBELBMW M4 DTM45:25.99327
No results found / Keine zugeordneten News

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