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2011-12-19 09:29:08

Abt and Vanthoor test DTM Audi

Abt and Vanthoor test DTM Audi

In early December at Monteblanco, Spain, Daniel Abt and Laurens Vanthoor received the reward for their achievements in the 2011 Formula 3 Euro Series season: a test in an Audi DTM vehicle.

Daniel Abt, whose father Hans-Jürgen has been running a successful DTM team for many years, was particularly excited, prior to his first DTM test. “It was a special moment for me. I have grown up with these cars but driving one of it has been far away for me, so far. And all of a sudden I’m sitting at the wheel of a DTM Audi.”

On the first of the two days of testing, the two Formula 3 drivers familiarised themselves with the vehicle. “In the beginning, nearly everything was new,” revealed Belgian Vanthoor. “You are sitting rather far back in the car, it’s far heavier and much more powerful than a Formula 3 single-seater, the tyres are different – and so on.” And Abt added: “For me, not seeing the tyres proved to be more unusual than anything else as you didn’t know – for instance – the distance to the curbs.”

Nonetheless, the two young talents coped with the challenge and completed a total of some 40 laps. “It was a good experience for my future,” said Laurens Vanthoor, with Daniel Abt being of the same opinion: “I really enjoyed these two days and had a lot of fun,” revealed the German after having completed his final lap. “And although the Audi A4 DTM is a completely different beast than a Formula 3 vehicle I think that Formula 3 represents the best preparation for a successful DTM career.”

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