Alesi wins season kick-off at the Hockenheimring | DTM
2005-04-17 16:36:54

Alesi wins season kick-off at the Hockenheimring

Alesi wins season kick-off at the Hockenheimring

Behind the wheel of his AMG-Mercedes C-Class, French DTM ace Jean Alesi won the 2005 DTM season kick-off at the Hockenheimring, with Bernd Schneider and Gary Paffett (both AMG-Mercedes C-Class) finishing second and third respectively. The race at a glance.

Weather conditions: overcast, Air temperature: 15.7° C, Track temperature: 15.3° C
Spectators: 116,000 in the course of the race weekend

Start Paffett wins the start, with Ekström, Fässler and Green entering turn one in second, third and fourth positions respectively. Tomczyk makes a very good start.
1st lap Capello, Kristensen and Aiello are involved in a first-corner accident. The Safety-Car goes out. Abt spins but continues, Reuter pits.
2nd lap Tomczyk makes a short pit stop.
3rd lap Tomczyk pits again and retires.
4th lap The order behind the Safety-Car: Paffett, Ekström, Fässler, Green, Alesi, Schneider, Spengler, Mücke, McNish, Margaritis, Häkkinen, Frentzen, Stippler, Kaffer, Abt, Reuter.
6th lap The re-start is to take place in the following lap. Häkkinen makes his first pit stop.
7th lap Ekström attacks Paffett while approaching the hairpin and passes the previous leader. Paffett strikes back, thus re-gaining the lead. Frentzen and Maragaritis collide in the hairpin. Paffett, Ekström and Fässler make their first pit stop. Frentzen also pits.
8th lap Ekström takes the lead. Drive-Thru penalty for Schneider because of a jump-start. Spengler and Stippler come in for their first pit stop.
10th lap Green and Kaffer pit. Drive-thru penalty for Mika Häkkinen for speeding in the pit-lane.
11th lap Schneider and Häkkinen execute their drive-thru penalties by driving through the pit-lane.
12th lap Frentzen spins but continues, Fässler passes Ekström.
13th lap Green makes a mistake while braking into the hairpin. McNish and Spengler pit.
14th lap Ekström re-passes Fässler while entering the hairpin.
15th lap The rear of Margaritis’ car is seriously damaged. Alesi pits for the first time. Mücke, Abt and Margaritis also come in. Frentzen retires.
16th lap Paffett makes his second pit stop.
17th lap Schneider and Ekström pit.
19th lap Fässler pits.
20th lap Close encounter of Spengler and Fässler. The Swiss spins but continues. Schneider and Kaffer make their next pit stop.
21st lap Green und Stippler pit.
22nd lap Alesi pits. McNish and Häkkinen also enter the pit-lane.
23rd lap Spengler pits again.
24th lap Abt in for a pit stop.
25th lap Mücke pits the second time.
27th lap Schneider passes Ekström in the hairpin for third place.
28th lap Häkkinen and McNish are battling it pout. McNish is passed by Häkkinen and Stippler. After a slight collision with Mücke, Kaffer slowly returns to the pits and retires.
30th lap Green and Ekström are involved in a battle and pass each other several times until Green goes off while entering the Motodrom and slides across the gravel. Abt passes Ekström in the ‘Sachs-Kurve’.
32nd lap Green makes a mistake while braking into the hairpin. A slight drizzle starts to fall.
36th lap Schneider closes the gap to Gary Paffett to just 0.4 seconds.
Finish Jean Alesi wins with Gary Paffett and Bernd Schneider finishing second and third respectively. Christian Abt secures fourth place, followed by Mattias Ekström, Jamie Green, Stefan Mücke und Mika Häkkinen. Marcel Fässler comes in ninth.

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