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2017-04-13 13:00:00

All the 2017 DTM races to again be covered live by ‘Das Erste’

All the 2017 DTM races to again be covered live by ‘Das Erste’

When DTM kicks off its 2017 season from 05th to 07th May at the Hockenheimring, the series’ long-term TV partner ‘ARD’ also will be involved and will cover all the 18 races of the season live and in HD. Meanwhile the standardised coverage times are new and great news for the fans. The coverage of the Saturday races by ARD’s channel ‘Das Erste’ usually will begin at 14:30hrs CEST (13:30hrs BST)  and on Sunday, the coverage will begin at 15:00hrs CEST. The qualifying session for every race once again will be covered by ARD channel ‘One’. And it goes without saying, that this coverage also will be live and in HD. Altogether, the DTM live coverage time by ‘Das Erste’ and ‘One’ will add up to 36 hours. 

“We are delighted with both the races and the qualifying sessions being once again covered completely live by the public TV,” says ITR board member Florian Zitzlsperger. “The joint efforts to make for an optimised race format and standardised starting times for the two races with now identical race distances demonstrate the quality of our long-term partnership with ARD. With the regulation changes as well as the new and faster DTM vehicles we may look forward to a thrilling and eventful season.”  

 ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkausky: “DTM once again represents a constant for our summer-sports planning for ‘Das Erste’. In top quality, content wise professional and high-quality and – as usual – extremely close to the action! After all, we are working hard on making sure that the interest of the viewers in our coverage keeps on increasing.”

ARD will start their coverage of every race 15 minutes prior to the start with preliminary reports, interviews on the starting grid and a glance behind the curtains. When the cars have taken the chequered flag after the one-hour races including a stipulated pit stop, ‘Das Erste’ will bring the presentation ceremony and a race analysis. Only in the case of three races, the standardised coverage times won’t apply: In the case of DTM’s 40th Norisring anniversary, the starts of both races will be moved to the early-evening programme and when it comes to the Sunday race at Moscow, the TV audience has to cope with a changed coverage time due to scheduling conflicts with other sports events.    

All the ‘Das Erste’ coverage times at a glance (all times CEST)

06th May 2017, DTM round one Hockenheimring, 14.30-16.00hrs
07th May 2017, DTM round two Hockenheimring, 15.00-16.30hrs

20th May 2017, DTM round three Lausitzring, 14.30-16.00hrs
21st May 2017, DTM round four Lausitzring, 15.00-16.30hrs

17th June 2017, DTM round five Budapest, 14.30-16.00hrs
18th June 2017, DTM round six Budapest, 15.00-16.25hrs

01st July 2017 DTM round seven, Norisring, 18.55-20.00hrs
02nd July 2017 DTM round eight Norisring, 17.25-18.30hrs

22nd July 2017 DTM round nine, Moscow, 14.30-15.50hrs
23rd July 2017 DTM round ten Moscow 13.30-15.00hrs

19th August 2017 DTM round 11 Zandvoort, 14.30-16.00hrs
20th August 2017 DTM round 12 Zandvoort, 15.00-16.30hrs 

09th September 2017 DTM round 13 Nürburgring, 14.30-16.00hrs
10th September 2017 DTM round 14 Nürburgring, 15.00-16.30hrs

23rd September 2017 DTM round 15 Spielberg, 14.30-16.00hrs
24th September 2017, DTM round 16 Spielberg, 15.00-16.30hrs

14th October 2017 DTM round 17 Hockenheimring, 14.30-16.00hrs
15th October 2017 DTM round 18 Hockenheimring, 15.00-16.30hrs

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