All aboard the SUPER GT Circuit Safari!

Super GT x DTM Circuit Safari

Super GT x DTM Circuit Safari

The SUPER GT series’ "Circuit Safari" is a uniquely Japanese phenomenon.

The Circuit Safari, you ask? Yes, as its name suggests, it lets fans board vehicles to get up close and personal with motor racing’s "wild animals" – the cars themselves.

Rather than boarding a pick-up truck, fans get onto a series of coaches, and are driven slowly round the racetrack itself as GT cars scream past at barely abated speeds. For the spectators, it’s a thrilling opportunity to see race cars in their natural habitat – the track – as opposed to from the grandstands.

The drill in Japan has been well honed: each coach conducts two laps, first on one side of the circuit, then the other – neatly allowing each side of the coach an opportunity to see the cars overtaking.

What was it like? SUPER GT invited a handful of DTM guests onboard, and their grinning faces as they returned told you everything you needed to know. “Incredible.” “Spectacular.” “Unbelievable…”

Will the idea migrate across to DTM races in the future? Who knows, but watch this space…

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