The Beach Kings | DTM
2005-07-16 11:49:59

The Beach Kings

The Beach Kings

Football is out – beach volleyball is in. At least, this year’s DTM beach volleyball tournament has replaced the traditional football event that used to be a part of the Norisring weekend. The atmosphere was hot – and the conditions even hotter. At temperatures of more than 30°C, all the pairings gave their very best while battling for the victory, at the beach volleyball facility of ‘Noah’s beach Garden, located next to the Arena Nürnberger Versicherung.

RIn a thrilling and close finale, the VW Pole Team (Constantin Dressler and Maxi Werndl) succeeded in beating the Renauer twins, representing the Porsche Carrera Cup, for the DTM Beach Champion title. For most of the entrants, it was anything but easy to focus on the volleyball action, as the pretty ‘Ticket online’ girls, positioned around the court, urging the teams on together with the crowds, represented a major distraction. The great atmosphere even thrilled the celebrities on the stands: former DTM driver Timo Scheider and former ski jumping ace Dieter Thoma also cheered for the teams.

The semi finals turned out to be the clash of the tournaments secret stars: Audi vs. Opel.
Tom Kristensen was supported by a female team-mate, while Marcel Fässler teamed-up with an Opel trainee. It was a close match, but at the end of the day the male pairing prevailed.

In the match for fifth place, the DTM News reporters were defeated by the Formula Euro Series team.

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