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2017-11-12 12:15:00

Farfus: „A historical moment“

Farfus: „A historical moment“

DTM.com talked to BMW driver Augusto Farfus.

What is your impression from the guest appearance at Motegi?

"The way in which the SUPER GT organisation has welcomed the DTM community here is incredible. I already knew the series a little bit, having participated in the Suzuka 1000 km race for BMW with the M6 in the GT300 class three times already. But Motegi was special.”

Which moment is a special memory for you?

“There are two occasions that spring to mind. First of all when we fired up the engines of the DTM cars for the first time in the paddock on Friday. There were numerous Japanese standing in front of the awning and they were impressed. It also was the moment when the DTM cars roared on Japanese soil for the first time.”

And the second moment?

“…when we participated in the two formation laps with the three DTM cars on Sunday. It is a real honour to be involved in such an important moment of the event. We drove behind the safety cars and the police motorcyles while the entire SUPER GT field was behind us. That was incredible!”

Isn’t your hand hurting from signing so many autographs?

“You can say so. We had brought 200 BMW flags and 900 autograph cards. On Saturday, we already ran out of flags and I suppose I signed most of them. And during the official autograph session on Sunday, we ran out of autograph cards, too. On top of that, I signed countless photos, clothes and scale model cars. I was even asked to sign mobile phones.”

What does this guest appearance mean for you personally?

“I have really enjoyed being a part of this historical moment. In an ideal world, DTM and SUPER GT cars will be racing against each other one day. Perhaps, it won’t be easy, but DTM and SUPER GT have never been closer. When the organisers ITR and GTA succeed in putting together a joint set of technical regulations, it would be a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

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