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2018-04-17 07:45:00

“Gerhard is a fantastic guy”

“Gerhard is a fantastic guy”

It was the musical highlight of the 2017 season and it will be one of the highlights of the 2018 season kick-off: ‘Die Fantastischen Vier’ once again will be rapping during the DTM race meeting at Hockenheim from 04th to 06th May, 2018. On Saturday evening, the extremely popular German Hip-Hop combo will get the audience rocking with tunes of their new album, ‘Capain Fantastic’, that hit the shelves in April. So, the visitors may not only look forward to top-class motor racing but also to a special concert of Michi Beck, Smudo, And.Ypsilon and Thomas D. Holders of DTM tickets that are valid for this day will be granted free admission to the concert premises – no matter what ticket category. DTM.com talked with Smudo about the appearance at Hockenheim.

On the Saturday of the DTM season kick-off at Hockenheim you will be back on stage. Just as last year during the season finale. Die Fantastischen Vier proved to be very popular, didn’t they...?

Gerhard Berger liked it a lot. He is a fantastic guy. I really like the world of DTM racing. It’s a spectacular race series. As motor-racing enthusiast I am really proud of having been invited by Gerhard Berger himself to once again play for the DTM crowds.

And he offered you something else, didn’t he?

Gerhard told me that I should drive a DTM car. And I would really really love to do so but due to my tight schedule I just don’t know when. Possibly I will be able to accept this invitation next year.

Smudo, you have been contesting car races for 15 years, now. What about your Die Fantastischen Vier colleagues?

At the very beginning, when I raced an old Cup Porsche, we had advertising for my single ‘Rudi’ on the car. But in those days you didn’t get any money. Thomas is living in the Eifel. He is hearing us all the time when I’m racing in VLN (Endurance Championship Nürburgring) as the roar of the cars spreads up to his country estate. He also came to the Nordschleife once or twice. His heart is closest to motor racing. He is no motors-port enthusiast as I am but he likes cars. And he loves his small sports car. Andy, however, has no relationship to motor racing. He loves nature. Michi also has nothing to do with motor racing. Two years ago, within the framework of ‘The Voice of Germany’, I took him around the Nordschleife in a car with just 250bhp – as part of the topic fear experience and trust in the coaches. He was crying so loud and made noises I never heard before. That was really cool.

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