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2018-12-26 11:30:00

Glock still thrilled by battle with Paffett

Glock still thrilled by battle with Paffett

Timo Glock is like a good wine: the older the better. Apart from 2013, his DTM debut season, he improved year by year. From 15th to 10 to seventh – and at the end of 2018, the 36-year old was fifth. “It’s the experience, the collaboration with the engineers and my team that worked better and better. The car suited my style better year by year. „At the end of a year I always ask myself where I did make mistakes. In 2018 I was able to sort out the mistakes I made in the year before to some extent. Nonetheless, there still is room for improvement,” said Glock who made a fantastic start into the season by finishing third, first and second in the two race meetings at Hockenheim and the Lausitzring.

In the closing stages the competitiveness dropped

After the second, third, fourth and sixth races Glock even held the championship lead. 14 top-10 results confirm his best DTM season to date. Nonetheless, you have to ask yourself if he could have done even better, following his outstanding start into 2018. “No. Otherwise we would have been better. On the one hand I’m happy as it was my best DTM season to date but it also is disappointing if your competitiveness isn’t as good in the closing stages of the season as it was in the beginning. A fact that was clearly to see, that was unambiguous. Our pace just stagnated. The other two manufacturers made slight progress and afterwards, we partly were a step behind Audi and Mercedes-AMG. That was the crucial factor and cost us our chance of winning the title,” says Glock who doesn’t want to recall the Brands Hatch weekend. The race meeting in England’s Kent County was the only one where Glock failed to score. “This definitely was my worst weekend.”

Meanwhile, Timo Glock’s epic fight with Gary Paffett in the second race of the season kick-off at Hockenheim was just brilliant. A battle that never will be forgotten, a true thriller with both drivers stealing the other one’s lead at Hockenheim’s GP circuit numerous times. Altogether, the two battled it out with one another wheel to wheel for 119 seconds – representing a distance of about six kilometres. “This definitely was my highlight – and not only in the 2018 season but in my entire career. I never experienced such an intense battle for the win. Things like this happen more often in the midfield but there, it just isn’t noticed. It’s far nicer when you are fighting for the win. It was a crazy battle and extremely big fun. And it was just super to witness the response of the fans that were standing on the grandstand and applauded,” recalls Glock who is ready to occasionally use his elbows, both on and aloof from the track.

Glock will keep on calling a spade a spade

In 2017, Glock caused a stir with a tantrum. In the qualifying session for the Sunday race, Glock believed to have been hampered – at first by Loïc Duval and then by Edoardo Mortara – in his way to the pole position. As response, Glock brake-tested the Mercedes-AMG driver in rude style in several corners – and as a result he lost his fifth grid position and had to start from the very end of the grid. In addition, he called Mortara via radio ‘A fucking idiot’ and as he was on a roll, he gave the Mercedes garages on his way through the pit lane the finger. In 2018, Glock usually displayed more patience. “That was a huge mistake and cost me a good chance of fighting for the title. I tried to keep calm in certain situations. Nonetheless, I always said in interviews what I think. And I will keep on doing so.”

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