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2005-06-29 20:41:49

"I jumped up and hurried to the track"

The popular and extremely gifted German actor, Rolf Zacher, is a true DTM enthusiast. Already as a youngster, motor racing was more important for him than eating. In addition to his acting, Zacher tried nearly every career. He was the vocalist of the German rock band ‘Amon Düül’, worked as waiter, excavator operator, bartender and singer. Last weekend, the all-rounder attended the DTM weekend at the MOTOPARK Oschersleben as a guest of Opel and Heinz-Harald Frentzen. During the weekend, he talked to www.dtm.de.

Mr Zacher, do you like DTM?
I’ve always been a motor racing enthusiast. When I was 14, I moved from the GDR to Western Berlin as the child of fugitives. That was the time when the Silver Arrows thrilled the motor racing supporters. I lived close to the legendary AVUS. We just had red cabbage, dumplings and roulades at home – a rare delectability in the years after the war – when I heard the roar of racing engines. At this moment, I didn’t bother the food any longer, jumped up and hurried to the track.”

RBut did you have the money for a ticket?
No, unfortunately I hadn’t. Therefore, I took pincers and cut a hole in the fence at the ‘Südkehre’. At that time, the controls weren’t as strict as they are today. I admired the drivers and wished to also make it to the podium, eventually.

And did this wish come true?
(He laughs) No. But some years ago, I attended a DTM race and talked to the drivers. A great experience.

Would you call yourself a fuel addict?
Absolutely! I Iove to drive and rumour has it that I’m a good driver. Once I was playing a pimp and I was sitting in the passenger seat, with my actor colleague behind the wheel driving incredibly badly. I told the director that I wouldn’t continue. So he said that I should do the driving myself. And so I did. Behind the wheel of the Porsche, I made a perfect donut and stopped directly in front of the camera. And the scene was finished. (he laughs).

Where did you learn this kind of car control
When I was 14 or 15, I had a friend who was four years older than me and was already driving. He regularly attended driving courses. I accompanied him and watched exactly what was going on. Later on, we secretly practiced on the place in front of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium.

Is there a DTM driver you cross you fingers for?
I’m crossing my fingers for all the drivers. But I’m particularly fond of Heinz-Harald Frentzen. I supported him already when he was involved in cup racing and Formula 3. Unfortunately, he was never racing for the right team, in his Formula One years. Had he been racing for Ferrari, at a certain time, things would look completely different. I met him here at Oschersleben and that was a very pleasant experience. I will pass him all the cosmic powers I’m provided with by the universe.

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