„I will have to re-learn driving from scratch” | DTM
2005-04-13 14:15:35

„I will have to re-learn driving from scratch”

„I will have to re-learn driving from scratch”

Prior to his inaugural DTM race, taking place this weekend at the Hockenheimring, Mika Häkkinen has dampened the public’s expectations regarding his results in the early rounds of the season. “Motor racing is a game of patience,” said the 36-year old Finn in an interview with the German magazine ‘stern’. “It could even happen that I’m not going to win a race at all should other teams and drivers turn out to be more competitive.” The two-time Formula One World Champion, who retired from the pinnacle of motor racing four years ago, is going to race for Mercedes’ DTM squad after having realised “That you just need a challenge. Everybody who retires has to experience this terrible situation, no matter if he’s 35 or 65.”

At the same time, Häkkinen admitted that he doesn’t know exactly what he will have to cope with. “In the beginning it will be difficult to focus on driving as there will be so many new things to deal with. It will be a shock!” And Häkkinen continued: “I’m not stupid, you know? I’m not going to say: ‘Hey, I’m a two-time Formula One World Champion, so now I will enter DTM and outclass them all’.” He expects to have to “re-learn driving from scratch.”

In his interview with the ’stern’, Häkkinen also revealed that his wife encouraged him to make his motor racing comeback. “When at home, I was running around like a tiger in a cage.” What made his wife say: “Come on, I’ve had enough of that. Get back into your racing car.”

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