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2018-03-09 08:15:00

„I won’t pit“

„I won’t pit“

Pascal Wehrlein is back in DTM. After his two-year stint in Formula One, the 2015 DTM Champion wants to once again demonstrate his skills in the cockpit of a touring car. Despite being just 23 years old the Mercedes-AMG driver already experienced quite a lot, in his career so far. None the less, the Indy-style restart he could have to cope with in the 2018 DTM season would represent virgin soil for the youngest DTM Champion in the history of the sport. DTM.com asked Wehrlein what he has got to say about this spectacular innovation introduced last year.


You haven’t got any personal experiences with the Indy-style restart. What do you think about it?

Correct, I haven’t got any experience with the Indy restart. I think it’s a really exciting innovation and definitely one of the things I truly am looking forward to.

Did you already witness an Indy restart live?

Yes, last year in the season kick-off at Hockenheim. That was cool. If you are watching the action from the outside it’s great to see all the cars approaching in one cluster. All very close together and even with occasional contact. That’s clearly more exciting than the restart behind a safety-car. At Hockenheim, nothing happens in the first corner in the case of a restart behind the safety-car. No overtaking efforts, nothing. In Indy restarts however, you will always witness action. And the drivers can gain or lose quite a lot.

Will you have an opportunity to practice the Indy-style restart, prior to the season kick-off at Hockenheim?

If at all then during the ITR tests at Hockenheim. Apart from that: no. That’s something you can’t simulate. The only way to practice it is in practice.

But despite the fact that it would be a debut for you, an experienced driver like you should be able to cope with this challenge...

(laughs) Definitely. I won’t pit in the case of an Indy restart.

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