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2017-12-21 18:45:00

Intense pleasant anticipation of the festive season

Intense pleasant anticipation of the festive season

The most peaceful part of the year has begun: candlelight, the smell of cookies, traceries on frosted windows and a blazing ingle. Many people use this time to look back on the nicest moments of the year to relive them once again and look forward to their well-deserved Christmas break. The DTM drivers also temporarily put their helmets in the wardrobe and slowly get into the right mood for spending the festive with their family and friends.

“I will stay at home in Switzerland to celebrate a small, intimate Christmas”, says Mike Rockenfeller. “In the past years we always stayed in Germany, with the family, and visited everybody. But we wanted to have a really peaceful Christmas, this year. You just can enjoy the festive season better if you stay at one place throughout the festive season. And for the children, a cosier Christmas also will be nice. That’s what I’m looking forward to, now.” At the end of the day, the fact that he came close to winning the title but had to settle for finishing fourth, in the end, even turned out to be a small advantage for him.

“I enjoy the cold winter days. Fortunately it is quiet. That’s the only nice thing when you haven’t won the title. Your schedule after the season isn’t that tight. But – to be honest – I’d rather be busier.”Mike Rockenfeller

Nonetheless, Altnau resident ‘Rocky’ won’t have too much time for putting his legs up, in Switzerland. “On 02nd January I already will travel to Daytona for tests with the Corvette.” And arguably everybody will agree to the wishes and hopes of the father of two children for the 2018 season: “I’m motivated and curious to find out what the future will bring. I haven’t got any real New Year’s resolutions. You’ve got these resolutions every year and but then you don’t realise them. At the end of the day, the most important thing for everybody is that you and your family are in good health.”

Fellow Audi driver Mattias Ekström can’t complain about a lack of change throughout the season. Therefore, the Swede particularly looks forward to the monotony of the Christmas days.” I will enjoy the peacefulness. Occasionally I like to be a bore. That’s fun. I will do boring things. I’ll sleep late, tidy up my desk and this kind of things. That also is a part of my life,” reveals ‘Eki’ who will spend Christmas together with his girlfriend Heidi and their children Mats and Hanna as well as the terriers Lou and Moss in their house in Ellmau, Tyrol.

Despite the off-season, Lucas Auer isn’t able to completely keep his fingers off the wheel, at home in Kufstein. For the fun-loving Mercedes-AMG- driver the family also takes centre stage. “Christmas is the time to spend with the family. That’s what I enjoy to the max. And to have fun with your friends and cool days. I’m looking forward to that as I love laughing. In addition, I will go karting for a while. I always try to sit in something that has got an engine,” says Auer who was born in Tyrol.

Family man Timo Glock also already has got precise plans for the Christmas days. Together with his wife Isabell and the children Mika and LeniMalou, the BMW driver has been living for five years in Gottlieben in the Swiss canton Thurgau, the ideal place for a festive ‘White Christmas’.

“I just try to enjoy the time with the family. To get away from it all and spend time with the children. I always love to go skiing with my son – that’s something we both really enjoy.”Timo Glock

Canada’s Robert Wickens who retired from DTM for good to race in the IndyCar Series, in the future, just can’t wait for Christmas as his companion in life, Karli Woods, is well-known cosplayer and also uses to travel a lot. “Since the race meeting at the Nürburgring I had nearly not time for my family and my girlfriend. She also often is away. After the announcement of my retirement from DTM, at Hockenheim, I spent just three days at home. Apart from that I had a really tight schedule. Therefore, I am truly looking forward to the festive season as I finally will have time to relax and peacefully sit together with my family.”

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