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2017-10-02 17:00:00

„It just wasn’t my weekend”

„It just wasn’t my weekend”

Jamie Green was the fastest but not the best. For the Audi driver, the race meeting at Spielberg was accompanied by a massive dose of bad luck. In the closing stages of the Saturday race at the Red Bull Ring, Green had to let fellow Audi driver Mattias Ekström pass for the lead on behalf of the team and on Sunday, Green once again held the lead until he was slowed down by gear-shift problems and dropped back to 14th. Now, with several days having gone by, DTM.com talked with Green about what happened and how he is feeling.

At Spielberg you were the fastest driver throughout the weekend. Two pole positions, the two fastest race laps, etc. etc. And you could have won both races but then you had to cope with this massive dose of bad luck – particularly on Sunday. How did you sleep in the night from Sunday to Monday? Did you have nightmares?

No, I hadn’t. It was bitter but it wasn’t a battle for life and death. But I generally don’t sleep to well, after a race weekend. On the previous days you have been so busy – two qualifying sessions and two races. So, your brain is rather mixed up when Sunday evening is approaching. You are thinking about so many different things – no matter what happened on the weekends and irrespective of your results. I always need a certain period of time to recover. After each DTM race meeting returning to normality takes me three to four days.

Did you ask yourself during the course of the past weekend: “How can I have so much bad luck? Why just me?” Two years ago you encountered a similar Spielberg weekend...

That’s crazy, isn’t it? My problem on that weekend was very, very similar. I couldn’t change the gears via the paddles behind the wheel. The fact that I had to cope with this kind of problem on two Spielberg weekends is somewhat weird. But at the end of the day there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to keep on fighting and give my very best in the next race.

How do you deal with such a massive setback? How do you come to terms with it?

It’s a question of your point of view. Would my life only consist of DTM it possibly would be really hard for me. But I basically am very happy with my life. Motor racing is a part of it – it’s my profession and my career. But there are other factors that also are important for making me happy or unhappy. Furthermore, I take a positive point of view and i am proud of having been so fast, at Spielberg. Only rarely a driver succeeds in securing both pole positions of a DTM race meeting. And the fact that something on my car didn’t work as it should doesn’t get me into a negative mood. After all, that’s something I can’t control. Things like this happen in motor racing and always will.  

With two wins in Austria you would have been the new championship leader. Do you still bemoan this missed opportunity?

Not really. On Saturday it was about helping Audi and being a team player. Sunday was another issue. But that’s part of your job as professional racing driver. It just wasn’t my weekend. It’s as simple as that.

And now? What are your goals for the season finale at Hockenheim? Do you still believe in your chance of winning the title?

We have to wait and see what is realistic and can be achieved. The goal will be – just like in every race – to be as fast as possible. As Audi driver I have the task to secure the best possible result for the Audi camp and support Mattias as good as possible. And it depends on the course of the races if I will have a chance of achieving more. I’m motivated and greedy. The atmosphere during the season finale is fantastic and I already won four races there. Should I succeeded in winning another race at Hockenheim this would be just fantastic.   

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