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2016-06-08 13:00:00

Live at the Norisring: Max Giesinger

Max Giesinger

He is well informed – inter alia – on the population of German villages, cities and communities – but even better on his real trade: making music. With his hit ‘80 Millionen’, Max Giesinger achieved a true radio success. In the ‘Franconian Monaco’, the 27 year old will raise the roof of the 'ARD-Chartshow’ stage with this and other tunes. He will be one of the support-programme highlights in the fourth DTM race meeting of the 2016 season. Held from 24th to 26th June at the Norisring.

It isn’t the first time in the charts, for the 27-year old singer and songwriter from Baden-Württemberg. In 2012, his tune ‘Dach der Welt’ (roof of the world) made it to 14th position in the German charts. It was the year of his breakthrough. After all, he previously made it – coached by German super star Xavier Naidoo – to the finals of the casting show ’The Voice of Germany’ to finish fourth, in the end.

And following the big TV hysteria, he hadn’t to cope with the disillusion many others – who expected too much, after their appearances in a casting show – encountered. He opted for a ‘now more than ever approach’ instead of desperately trying to find a deal as long as the iron was hot he chose a completely different way: in 2014, he published his debut album, financed by crowd funding. In just 24 hours, he collected the €10,000 from his fans he had aimed at. “Fortunately the total was clearly  higher,” Giesinger reveals. “That was good as €10;000 never would have been enough for a proper album. 

In 2016 he launched his new album, ‘Der Junge rennt’ (The Boy is running), that made it like the single ’80 Millionen’ to the top 25 of the German charts.

Listen here to his two top hits ‘80 Millionen’ and ‘Dach der Welt’:




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