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2019-07-07 06:45:00

Maximum stopping power, even in hot conditions

At no other track, brakes are tested harder than at the Norisring.

Together with technology partner AP Racing, the DTM organisers have responded with an adequate solution.

Long straights, followed by a really slow hairpin. At the Norisring, the only street circuit on the DTM calendar, this situation can be found twice: firstly, the Alpha hairpin, the notorious 180 degree corner at the foot of the former Grundig office tower at the end of the main straight and secondly the Dutzendteichkehre, the hairpin at the lake near the railway station. These two hairpins are the hardest tests for the brake discs on the DTM cars. Temperatures rise accordingly.

“In the past, manufacturers have often informed us about high brake temperatures at the Norisring,” Gordian von Schöning, head of technology at the DTM umbrella organisation ITR, reports. “We have never got to the point where this became a safety issue, but with the increased power and therefore higher speeds we have this year, we have decided to come up with a solution.”

In line with the premium nature of the series, the brake discs used in the DTM are highly sophisticated. They are made of carbon fibre ceramic composite material to ensure maximum stopping power in nearly all conditions. “We have been using brake discs from AP Racing, our loyal technology partner for many years,” von Schöning says. The brake discs are among the many control parts that are used on DTM cars. At the front wheels, a maximum of three sets of two discs each can be used for each car throughout the season.

The brake discs regularly used in the DTM are self-ventilating units with single radial holes. “To improve cooling, AP has come up with a solution with units of 17 holes instead of single-hole units all around the disc. That means, we have 12 times 17 holes there. This results into brake temperatures that are 50 to 100 degrees lower than with the single-hole discs, which is a great help,” von Schöning explains.

Extensive testing has been carried out at AP Racing’s test bed at the company’s headquarters in Coventry, UK. The first days of action at the Norisring have revealed that the discs work very effectively on track as well. 

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