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2017-12-23 09:15:00

Moving pictures 2017

Moving pictures 2017

It was a spectacular, eventful season. In the 18 DTM races held in nine race meetings in five different countries, the three DTM manufacturers and their 18 drivers made for attractive and exciting touring-car racing. It was a memorable 2017 season. The races were thrilling, the balance of power on the grid amazing and more often than not, tiny nuances represented the crucial difference between triumph and defeat. The series made for stunning pictures and enthralling stories. To cut a long story short: It couldn’t have come any better.  

We compiled the racing highlights and the greatest moments of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-AMG each in three best-of videos. Watch these entertaining flashbacks and let the emotions carry you along once again. Even when repeated for the umpteenth time these moving pictures have got what it takes to fascinate you!  

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Pure action and first class entertainment: moving pictures about the DTM.

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