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2018-06-25 13:15:00

No sign of harmony any more

No sign of harmony any more

The spectacular season kick-off remains unforgotten. The wheel-to-wheel battles between Gary Paffett and Timo Glock in the Sunday round of the Hockenheim weekend was epic. For 11 nerve-wracking laps and 50 kilometres respectively, the two DTM aces entertained the crowds with a fierce battle and stole the lead one another six times. Altogether, the two drivers raced wheel to wheel for 190 seconds. And after the race, in the Parc Fermé, the two old hands, Glock (36 years) and Paffett (37), hugged one another exhausted but happy.

Following the Sunday race at the Norisring, the two didn’t talk with but about one another. No signs of harmony, any more. “I was absolute thrilled about the great race at Hockenheim and the battle we had there. But I don’t think that he can be proud today,” the Mercedes-AMG driver railed at Glock. “From my point of view it was clearly to see what he did. If he believes that this behaviour is acceptable he is a different racing driver than I thought. It was a horrible race.”

But the opinions about the course of the race differ. BMW’s Timo Glock was bemused when he heard about the accusations. “I was surprised when I heard that he attacked me. The fight was tough. He also tried to fend me off. I just defended my position. From my point of view this wasn’t unfair. I think it was okay. I can understand him. He has a car that had what it took to make it to the podium. Of course it’s frustrating if you can’t work your way up in such a situation. But that doesn’t mean that I should have or had to let him pass. I also am fighting for points.”

Once Paffett crashed hard into the rear end of Glock’s car

Paffett, however, was intransigent. From lap 18 to lap 36, the Briton tried to pass Glock again and again. Both fought as hard as they could – after all, they also are rivals in the battle for the DTM title. The BMW driver defended is position fiercely and just didn’t let the Mercedes-AMG driver pass. Once, Paffett even crashed rather hard into the rear end of Glock’s car. “I didn’t do so deliberately. My wheels locked while braking and as a result I skidded into his car. That’s that. Just a racing incident.” Glock on the incident: “I had to countersteer to the max and to be honest, I expected that the car would spin, at this moment. But I fortunately was able to get it under control again.”

Paffett doesn’t accept Glock’s invitation

Meanwhile, Paffett makes no secret of the fact that he believes to have been aggrieved by his long-term rival. He attacked Glock again and again. “Whenever I tried to pass him he tried to push me into the wall. I tried it on the outside, then on the inside – and every time he changed his line and touched me. I had to lift at least 10 times as I would have crashed into the wall, otherwise,” said the championship leader who finished 13th, thus failing to add more championship points to his tally – while Glock scored a point by finishing 10th. “Where please? I really don’t know what he is talking about,” replied Glock. “But I wouldn’t mind to sit down with him and watch the 20 laps together with him. Then he will have the opportunity to explain what he means. I don’t have a problem with doing so. I’m absolutely ready to admit my mistakes if I made some.” But Paffett refuses the invitation to the joint TV evening. “Thank you very much, I’m not interested. My point of view is clear: Following the style of racing he opted for today I don’t care what he has got to say. To be honest, I also don’t care what he thinks. I’m just extremely annoyed about what he did today.”

Paffett already demonstrated the level of his infuriation with an explicit gesture right after having crossed the finish line. “ I could see his frustration when he went side by side with me on the in-lap. He kind of waved and I wasn’t sure if he wanted to greet me...,” Glock said smirking.

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