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2005-04-15 10:20:31

Optimised DTM tyre regulations

Optimised DTM tyre regulations

This weekend, DTM is going to kick off its new season, with the DMSB’s (the German governing motor racing body) regulation experts having introduced several new regulation details to even improve the show. But it was all about refinement measures, as the vital basics of the technical and sporting regulations of the most popular international touring car series have proven to be successful for many years.

The dimensions of the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx’s exclusive DTM spec for instance stayed unmodified. The DTM cars wheels are still shod with 265 / 660 R 18 (front) and 280 / 660 R18 tyres (rear) respectively. An impressive proof of the tyre’s remarkable safety capacities, as the 2004 spec of the tyre can be used in 2005 without any modifications, in spite of the increased DTM demands. Yet, there have been some innovations in the tyre area. The goal: to create equal opportunities for the teams who contest the Super Pole and those who didn’t succeed in qualifying for this session.

At the same time it was possible to fulfil the ITR demand regarding the continuation of the cost reduction. “It was our goal to make sure that the teams qualified for the Super Pole don’t suffer a disadvantage regarding the tyres available for the warm-up session and the race,” explains Christian Schacht, the DMSB’s Automobile Racing manager. “At the same time we even succeeded in reducing the number of tyres available per team and weekend.”

“So far, drivers who didn’t contest the Super Pole had one more set of fresh tyres available – what could turn out to be a vital advantage on certain tracks,” added Enzo Scaramella, Manager Motorsport of DTM’s exclusive tyre partner, Dunlop. Thanks to the new regulations, this potential advantage has been eliminated. On Friday evening, at 19:00hrs, a set of tyres supposed to be used in the Super Pole must have been marked for every car, and on Saturday, this set of tyres will be removed – no matter if used or not. To compensate for the reduced number of fresh sets of tyres, the teams may use one set of tyres provided for each of its cars for an event, during the Friday tests of the following race weekend.

This means that the teams are provided with one set of fresh tyres less than it was the case in 2004, without having to suffer a major performance disadvantage during the first free practice sessions. And just as it was the case in the past, the tyre allocation will be organised as a raffle. “This makes for equal opportunities right from the start,” explains Enzo Scaramella. A stringent control system makes sure that these rules are observed. Every single tyre the crew from Hanau takes to a circuit is marked with a code that can be controlled and identified by a scanner. And this clear identification provides the scrutineers with the opportunity of checking – at any time during a race weekend – if the tyres used on a DTM car have been a part of the tyre contingent provided for this car.

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