Paffett takes pole, ahead of Häkkinen and Ekström | DTM
2005-08-06 15:32:14

Paffett takes pole, ahead of Häkkinen and Ekström

Paffett takes pole, ahead of Häkkinen and Ekström

DTM’s Championship leader, Gary Paffett, kept his cool. In the Super Pole at the Nürburgring, the British Mercedes-Benz driver secured his third pole position in the 2005 season, with his brand-mate Mika Häkkinen qualifying second. Reigning DTM Champion Mattias Ekström (Audi) will be third on the grid for tomorrow’s race.

The Qualifying

Weather:Track temperature: 17.1 ºC
Air: 13.4 ºC
13.45 h  Tomczyk kicks off the qualifying session at the Nüburgring
13.47 h  Tomczyk sets first fastest lap: 1:33.88 minutes, ahead of Alesi and Fässler
13.48 h  New leaders second by second second: Paffett takes provisional pole: 1:23.631 minutes
13.49 h  Ekström and Kristensen in the lead, followed by Frentzen
13.50 h  Schneider now 7th: 1:23.717 minutes
13.51 h  Schneider improves to 2nd place: 1:23.558 minutes. Spengler leaps from 20th to 9th
13.53 h  Schneider and Spengler pit. Ekström takes the lead, ahead of Schneider, Kristensen, Paffett, Frentzen and McNish
13.55 h  McNish now fastest: 1:23.299 minutes
13.56 h  Ekström takes the lead, Aiello now 4th.
14.00 h  Häkkinen takes 7th place. 1:23.571 minutes
14.01 h  Frentzen up to 6th, Paffett now 3rd: 1:23.171 minutes
14.02 h  Fässler improves 17th to 10th place: 1:23.603 minutes
14.03 h  Abt now 3rd: 1:23.035 minutes
14.07 h  Alesi completes his 9 laps, only 12th place for the Frenchman
14.09 h  Häkkinen now on his last flying lap
14.10 h  Current rankings: Ekström, Kristensen, Abt, Paffett, McNish, Tomczyk, Aiello, Frentzen, Schneider, Häkkinen
14.11 h  Häkkinen now 9th
14.14 h  Schneider works his way up from 10th to 8th place.
14.15 h  Ekström, Kristensen, Abt, Paffett, McNish, Tomczyk, Aiello, Schneider, Frentzen and Häkkinen make it to the Super-Pole

The Super Pole

14.29 h  Mika Häkkinen (Mercedes-Benz): 1:23.415 minutes
14.31 h  Heinz-Harald Frentzen (Opel): 1:23.850 minutes
14.33 h  Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz): 1:23.598 minutes
14.35 h  Laurent Aiello (Opel): 1:23.611 minutes
14.37 h  Martin Tomczyk (Audi): 1:23.676 minutes
14.40 h  Allan McNish (Audi): 1:23.789 minutes
14.42 h  Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz): 1:23.161 minutes
14.44 h  Christian Abt (Audi): 1:23.813 minutes
14.46 h  Tom Kristensen (Audi): 1:23.653 minutes
14.49 h  Mattias Ekström (Audi): 1:23.516 minutes

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