Paffett victorious on the Nuerburgring | DTM
2004-08-01 16:27:03

Paffett victorious on the Nuerburgring

Paffett victorious on the Nuerburgring

Gary Paffett (AMG-Mercedes C-class) won the sixth race of the championship on the Nuerburgring in front of an impressive backdrop of spectators. The Briton, who started from pole position, crossed the finish line after 41 laps ahead of Mattias Ekström (Audi A4 DTM). Reigning DTM champion Bernd Schneider came third in the action-paced race. Marcel Fässler (Opel Vectra GTS V8) just missed out on a podium finish. The Swiss came fourth following thrilling battles with Schneider and Albers, who rolled into the pits on the 37th lap. Vierter. Mattias Ekström was able to recapture the lead in the overall championship standings with his second place. He heads the standings on 47 points after six races ahead of Christijan Albers (42 points).

Start: Good start for Paffett, Dumbreck on 2nd place, various cars off the track in Mercedes Arena
Lap 1: Abt, Reuter, Bleekemolen into the pits. Ekström overtook Dumbreck for 2nd place
Lap 2: Albers attacks Dumbreck for 3rd place
Lap 4: Abt off the track in "Contispange", Winkelhock into the pits
Lap 5: Race order: Paffett, Ekström, Dumbreck, Albers, Fässler, Schneider. Biela retired
Lap 6: Paffett, Ekström, Dumbreck, Albers, Scheider, Kristensen into the pits
Lap 7: Fässler, Schneider, Aiello into the pits
Lap 8: Alesi, Bleekemolen into the pits
Lap 9: Mayländer into the pits
Lap 10: Mücke, Janis, Frentzen into the pits
Lap 12: Reuter into the pits
Lap 13: Pirro under investigation. Janis into the pits
Lap 15: Abt into the pits
Lap 16: Schneider attacks Scheider in Mercedes Arena
Lap 18: Schneider brakes late into first corner, more space now for Scheider. Kristensen into the pits
Lap 19: Pirro (no pitstop yet) and Paffett fight for the lead, Paffett into the pits
Lap 20: Pirro into the pits
Lap 21: Paffett re-enters the track in front of Aiello.
Lap 22: Albers, Fässler, Aiello into the pits
Lap 23: Ekström, Schneider into the pits
Lap 24: Scheider, Alesi, Dumbreck into the pits
Lap 26: Ekström only 1.6 seconds behind Paffett. Mücke into the pits. Frentzen retires.
Lap 27: Reuter into the pits
Lap 30: Pirro into the pits
Lap 31: Scheider, Alesi and Dumbreck fight for 7th position
Lap 35: Schneider passes Fässler in first corner for 4th position, Fässler takes 4th place back
Lap 36: Fässler tries to overtake Albers, Schneider now 3rd. Fässler passes Albers for 4th place. Albers brakes late in "Contispange"
Lap 37: Race order: Paffett, Ekström, Schneider, Fässler, Kristensen, Scheider, Alesi, Dumbreck. Albers into the pits, retires
Lap 41: Scheider and Alesi collide in NGK-Schikane, no changes in order
Finish: Paffett wins on Nürburgring in front of Ekström, Schneider and Fässler. Kristensen, Scheider, Alesi and Dumbreck on the further places

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