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2005-05-01 16:29:27

Paffett wins at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz

Paffett wins at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz

Behind the wheel of his AMG-Mercedes C-Class, Gary Paffett won the second race of the 2005 DTM season at the at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz, with Tom Kristensen (Audi) and Mika Häkkinen (Mercedes-Benz) finishing second and third respectively. The race at a glance.

Weather conditions
Slightly overcast
Air temperature: 24.4° C
Track temperature: 31.9° C

14:00hrs Just on time, the 20 DTM cars start into the warm-up lap at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz. The second round of the 2005 season is a 48-lap race.

StartPole-sitter Gary Paffett wins the start. Häkkinen passes Green for second position.

1st lap Tomczyk and Schneider collide in the new ‘ADAC-Kurve’. Schneider continues and defends his seventh position. Tomczyk pits.

2nd lap Smoke at Margaritis’ right front wheel – the Greek loses several positions and pits. Great start by Frank Stippler.

3rd lapMattias Ekström pressurises third placed Jamie Green.

5th lapPaffett has opened a 2.6-second gap on Mika Häkkinen.

6th lapAlesi passes Bernd Schneider while braking into turn one. Schneider and Fässler execute their first obligatory pit stops.

8th lapThe leader, Gary Paffett, extends the gap on Häkkinen to 3.2 seconds. Green and Ekström are split by only two tenths of a second.

9th lapEkström and Green keep on battling for third position. Abt pits for his first obligatory stop.

10th lapKristensen outbrakes Spengler while entering the new ‘ADAC-Kurve’, Capello pits for the first time.

11th lapAlesi pits. His pit crew fails to remove the fuel can and the French rejoins the race with the can still hanging on his car. But after half a lap, the can falls off.

12th lapFollowing a slight collision with Ekström, previously third placed Jamie Green strands in the gravel. Reuter pits.

13th lapSpengler and Mücke pit

16th lapKristensen passes Ekström at the pit straight for third place

17th lapLeader Gary Paffett pits for the first time. Stippler also enters the pit-lane

18th lapFor the first time in his career, Mika Häkkinen leads a DTM race

19th lapDrive-thru penalty for Ekström for barging. Häkkinen makes his first pit stop and loses time as the hydraulic car jacks fail to retract. Ekström also pits for the first time.

20th lapEkström enters the pit-lane for his drive-thru penalty. Aiello and Frentzen pit. Problems at Frentzen’s right rear wheel.

22nd lapHäkkinen pressurises third placed Pierre Kaffer,

23rd lapHäkkinen wins the battle against Kaffer and passes him in the ADAC-Kurve. Fässler and McNish pit after a collision. McNish retires due to a problem at his left front suspension.

25th lapHäkkinen sets the fastest race lap: 1:17.650 minutes. Kaffer, Ekström and Mücke pit.

26th lapAbt passes Schneider for tenth place. Manuel Reuter spins into the gravel. Alesi pits.

28th lapSpengler and Schneider pit

30th lapStippler pits

31st lapStippler, Alesi and Tomczyk battle it out. Tomczyk passes Alesi for eleventh place. Leader Gary Paffett makes his second pit stop.

32nd lapAbt and Frentzen pit.

33rd lapCapello and Aiello pit.

35th lapTomczyk pits.

36th lapAt the end of the pit straight, Aiello passes Schneider for 12th place. Kaffer pits.

36th lapThe current leaders, Kristensen and Häkkinen, pit at the same time, with Kristensen succeeding in staying ahead of the Finn.

39th lapPaffett is back in the lead, ahead of Kristensen and Häkkinen. Schneider pits and retires.

41st lapWith just seven laps to go, Kristensen is only 0.7 seconds ahead of Häkkinen.

47th lapMücke and Abt battle for ninth place.

48th lapBruno Spengler suffers a problem in the final lap – and is forced into retirement.

FinishGary Paffett wins the race at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz, Tom Kristensen finishes second. In his only second DTM race, Mika Häkkinen sensationally secures third place, with Ekström, Kaffer, Stippler, Alesi and Mücke scoring the further points.

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