Pole for Paffett, Mercedes-Benz dominates the qualifying | DTM
2005-10-01 16:40:02

Pole for Paffett, Mercedes-Benz dominates the qualifying

Pole for Paffett, Mercedes-Benz dominates the qualifying

This Sunday, Gary Paffett (DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG-Mercedes) will be the pole-sitter on the grid for the tenth round of the DTM season (covered live by the German TV station ARD on Sunday from 13.45hrs). The 24-year old Briton was the most successful when it came to quickly adapting to Istanbul’s new circuit, the ‘Istanbul Park’ with DTM Record Champion Bernd Schneider (Vodafone AMG-Mercedes) sharing the first row with his brand-mate. Bruno Spengler in his 2004-spec Mercedes and his team-mate, Jamie Green, qualified third and fourth respectively, while championship leader Mattias Ekström (Audi A4 DTM) will be fifth on the grid, next to the Opel Vectra GTS V8 of Manuel Reuter who secured sixth grid position.

The Qualifying

Weather conditions
Air temperature: 26.5° C
Track temperature: 26.8° C

14.30 hrs  Kaffer the first to go out, in the qualifying session
14.33 hrs  First flying lap for Kaffer: 1:49.065 minutes
14.34 hrs  Kristensen now fastest: 1:47.755 minutes ahead of Aiello and Frentzen
14.35 hrs  Stippler second following his first flying lap: 1:48.429 minutes
14.37 hrs  Fässler now third: 1:48.478 minutes
14.39 hrs  Ekström second behind Kristensen, Alesi third. Green steals Kristensen’s provisional pole: 1:47.564 minutes
14.40 hrs  First flying lap for Paffett: 1:47.588 minutes and second so far
14.42 hrs  Green leads ahead of Paffett, Häkkinen and Spengler. Kristensen and Ekström hold fifth and sixth places respectively
14.45 hrs  15 minutes of the 30-minute session completed. Green still holds the lead, followed by Paffett, Häkkinen, Spengler, Kristensen, Frentzen, Ekström, Alesi, Reuter and Tomczyk
14.46 hrs  Kristensen regains provisional pole: 1:47.497 minutes
14.48 hrs  Stippler spins on track, continues
14.49 hrs  Spengler now fastest: 1:47.208 minutes
14.50 hrs  Ekström leaps from eights up to second position: 1:47.467 minutes
14.53 hrs  Paffett now second: 1:47.337 minutes
14.55 hrs  Five minutes to go: Spengler leads, ahead of Paffett, Ekström, Kristensen, Green, Häkkinen, Fässler, Tomczyk, Frentzen, Alesi
14.56 hrs  Kristensen takes third place from Ekström
14.57 hrs  Schneider improves from 14th to fourth place: 1:47.439 minutes
14.59 hrs  Aiello and Frentzen enter the top 10 as 8th and 9th respectively
15.00 hrs  Positions change second by second. Spengler takes provisional pole
15.03 hrs  Spengler, Paffett, Kristensen, Häkkinen, Schneider, Ekström, Fässler, Green, Reuter and Alesi made it to the Super Pole

The Super Pole

15.28 hrs  Alesi first car in Super Pole
15.31 hrs  Jean Alesi (Mercedes-Benz): 1:47.654 minutes
15.34 hrs  Manuel Reuter (Opel): 1:47.604 minutes
15.36 hrs  Jamie Green (Mercedes-Benz): 1:47.330 minutes
15.38 hrs  Marcel Fässler (Opel): 1:47.936 minutes
15.41 hrs  Mattias Ekström (Audi): 1:47.553 minutes
15.44 hrs  Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz): 1:47.156 minutes
15.47 hrs  Mika Häkkinen (Mercedes-Benz): 1:47.641 minutes
15.49 hrs  Tom Kristensen (Audi): 1:48.070 minutes
15.51 hrs  Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz): 1:47.101 minutes
15.53 hrs  Bruno Spengler (Mercedes-Benz): 1:47.280 minutes

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