Pole-Position for Mattias Ekström | DTM
2005-04-16 15:48:39

Pole-Position for Mattias Ekström

Pole-Position for Mattias Ekström

Mattias Ekström won the first qualifying at Hockenheimring Baden Württemberg. He was followed by Gary Paffett on second position and Jamie Green who finished third. This is the qualifying and super-pole overview.


13:30 The first qualifying session of the 2005 season is on. Reigning champion
Matthias Ekström is the first driver to leave his garage for a fast qualifying lap…
13:33 Ekström also sets the first fastest lap time: 1:35.234 minutes. But Paffett
and Kristensen strike back by setting 1:34 laps.
13:34 Bernd Schneider clinches provisional pole by a 1:34.648-minute lap.
13:35 The top-five after five minutes: Schneider, Kristensen, Paffett, Green and Spengler.
13:36 All cars are back in the pits
13:38 Kristensen, Stippler and Tomczyk go out for another effort.
13:44 No changes at the front end of the grid. Bernd Schneider still holds provisional pole, with Tom Kristensen, Gary Paffett, Jamie Green and Bruno Spengler being his closest rivals. 14 cars lie within one second.
13:48 Marcel Fässler moves to seventh place by setting a 1:35.283-minute lap, thus being fastest Opel driver.
13:50 Mika Häkkinen has got out of his car.
13:52 Five more minutes to go, in the season’s first qualifying session. Bernd Schneider still holds provisional pole, with Kristensen and Paffett being second and third respectively.
13:53 Bruno Spengler and Stefan Mücke, both driving 2004 spec cars, hold fifth and tenth places respectively.
13:55 With just two more minutes to go, Mika Häkkinen rejoins the action. Bernd Schneider returns to the pits.
13:56 Mika Häkkinen is back in the pits
13:58 The qualifying session is over.: Bernd Schneider (1:34.648 minutes), Tom Kristensen, Gary Paffett, Jamie Green, Bruno Spengler, Mattias Ekström, Marcel Fässler, Jean Alesi, Martin Tomczyk and Stefan Mücke succeeded in qualifying for the Super Pole.
14:00 The Super Pole – the battle for the top-ten positions on the grid – will start on time, at 14:25hrs.


14:25 Stefan Mücke leaves the pits
14:29 Stefan Mücke (Mercedes-Benz): 1:36,587 minutes
14:30 Martin Tomczyk (Audi): 1:36,222 minutes
14:33 Jean Alesi (Mercedes): 1:36.179 minutes
14:35 Marcel Fässler (Opel): 1:36.075 minutes
14:37 Mattias Ekström (Audi): 1:35.251 minutes
14:39 Bruno Spengler (Mercedes-Benz): 1:36.191 minutes
14:43 Jamie Green (Mercedes-Benz): 1:35.809 minutes
14:45 Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz): 1:35.283 minutes
14:47 Tom Kristensen (Audi): 1:1:36.489 minutes
14:50 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz): 1:36.354 minutes

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