Quick and Dirty: Joel Eriksson | DTM
2018-10-25 21:15:00

Quick and Dirty: Joel Eriksson

Quick and Dirty: Joel Eriksson

Short questions, fast answers. DTM.com wanted to know how quick-witted the drivers are. Here you will find out personal things about the drivers racing in the touring-car series. This series will accompany you in random order throughout the 2018 season. This time it’s Joel Eriksson’s turn.

Please tell us three attributes describing you as racing driver...

Fast, clever, cool.

Who was your teenage idol?

Kimi Räikkönen. Always. Even when I was a little boy. We have a lot of things in common. Our characters are really similar. He also is very cool. I like both his personality and his style of driving.  

Is there a sport you have no talent in at all and why?

Difficult. Football probably isn’t my best sport. I like playing football but my football skills aren’t on the highest level. I’m able to stop the ball but to then handle it is rather difficult for me.  

What would your profession be if you hadn’t become a racing driver?

I arguably would be just a truck driver in my home country, Sweden. Or I possibly could own a car-repair shop.

If you had the chance of meeting a celebrity: whom would you choose and why?

Kevin Hart. I think he is a really funny guy. The same applies to Dwayne Johnson. And I would love to meet Vin Diesel. I like the Fast and Furious movies. Indeed, you could call me a fan of them.  

What would you do without your smart phone?

Probably not too much. It’s difficult to say as I grew up with mobile phones. I’m rather young and therefore, I always had a mobile in my hand. I don’t know how it would be to live without them. A smart phone has got everything, today, and offers you the possibility to do everything you want. I would have major problems without my mobile. A true catastrophe.  

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