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2018-06-05 15:30:00

Quick and dirty: Loïc Duval

Quick and dirty: Loïc Duval

Short questions, fast answers. DTM.com wanted to know how quick-witted the drivers are. Here you will find out personal things about the drivers racing in the touring-car series. This series will accompany you in random order throughout the 2018 season. This time it’s Loïc Duval’s turn.

Please tell us three attributes describing you as racing driver ...

Committed, a lot of fighting spirit, motivated.

Who was your teenage idol and why?

My dad. Although he wasn’t a racing driver. He only did a bit of motocross racing. But your parents of course are your role models. And in the case of a boy, this usually applies first of all to the father.

Is there a sport you have no talent in at all and why?

I’m skilled in a lot of sports. I particularly like sports on a professional level. I haven’t tried it, to date, but I think curling could be the one. I’m not interested in trying it and so I wouldn’t be motivated.

What would be your profession if you hadn’t become a racing driver?

I originally wanted to be a professional football player. Sometime I had to make the decision between playing football and karting but doing so was difficult. I was 15 years old when I stopped playing football but I also had a high level as football player. I was more Ronaldo than Messi. .

If you had the chance of meeting a celebrity: whom would you choose and why?

There are several people I’d like to meet. But as we are living in the motor-racing world I’d opt for Ayrton Senna. If meeting him was really would be possible I’d love to talk with him to find out what a character he was. That would be great.

What would you do without your smart phone?

A lot of things. Without my smart phone I could live a normal life.

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