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2018-11-05 18:00:00

Quick and Dirty: René Rast

Quick and Dirty: René Rast

Short questions, fast answers. DTM.com wanted to know how quick-witted the drivers are. Here you will find out personal things about the drivers racing in the touring-car series. This time it’s René Rast’s turn.

Please tell us three attributes describing you as racing driver...
Cool, consistent, predominant.

Who was your teenage idol?
Michael Schumacher. He was the German at the pinnacle of motor racing. Whenever I watched a Formula One race I crossed my fingers for him.  

Is there a sport you have no talent in at all and why?
Any kind of ball games. Tennis, basketball, handball, football... I really haven’t got what it takes to shine in these sports.   

What would your profession be if you hadn’t become a racing driver?
I like to occupy myself with finances, with all the products available. So, I probably would have moved in the investment direction.  

If you had the chance of meeting a celebrity: whom would you choose and why?
Ayrton Senna. I’d loved to have met him. He is just a legend. And his reputation was even increased by his fatal accident. If you watch the interviews and videos of those days you realise that he was a truly unique racing driver.

What would you do without your smart phone?
II would be happy if I hadn’t to take it along all the time. At times it really is extremely annoying. Therefore, I currently am using my old Nokia mobile. So, you can call me but can’t send me WhatsApp messages. Sometimes, having no mobile with you can be a true relief.

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