Quick and dirty: Robin Frijns | DTM
2018-12-28 20:15:00

Quick and dirty: Robin Frijns

Quick and dirty: Robin Frijns

Short questions, fast answers. DTM.com wanted to know how quick-witted the drivers are. Here you will find out personal things about the drivers racing in the touring-car series. This time it’s Robin Frijns’ turn.

Please tell us three attributes describing you as racing driver...

Relaxed, in control, cool. I never am nervous prior to a race. Meanwhile, I won’t say that I am fast as every racing driver believes to be quick and says so.  

Who was your teenage idol and why?

Ayrton Senna. Of course I never had the chance of getting to meeting him in person. He was a perfect racing driver. He always believed in himself and what he did. And he never was ready to bend down. He spoke his mind openly at any time. That’s what I liked about him. It goes without saying that he also was really quick. But what’s most important: he always remained true to himself.   

Is there a sport you have no talent in at all and why? 

I’m really bad in tennis. I tried it about five times, in my life. But I somehow never succeeded in getting the ball over the net.   

What would your profession be if you hadn’t become a racing driver?

I’d loved to become a professional football player. In my youth I played football very often. I always admired Messi although I rather was the strong midfielder kind of player. 

If you had the chance of meeting a celebrity: whom would you choose and why? 

Brad Pitt. I like his demeanour and his films. He seems to be really easy-going. He enjoys his life and does what he likes. 

What would you do without your smart phone? 

I’d use my iPad.

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