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2018-12-22 11:00:00

From the racetrack to skiing

From the racetrack to skiing

As usual, the 2018 DTM season also featured numerous great moments and roaring flat-out action. In the festive season, however, the period of time from Christmas to New Year, it’s time for more peaceful activities. The helmets and overalls are put aside and at the racetracks you hear the sound of silence. talked with the drivers about their plans for the festive season and New Year’s Eve.  

Bruno Spengler: “Short before Christmas I will make a trip to Canada for a week but at Christmas I’ll be back in Europe. My brother will travel from Moscow to France where we will meet to spend the New Year’s Eve together with my wife and my friends.”  

Loïc Duval: “I haven’t got any special plans. It goes without saying that I will spend the time with my children, my wife and the parents. On New Year’s Eve I will party with friends and right afterwards I will travel to Daytona to prepare for the Daytona 24h Race.” 

Robin Frijns: “It was a long season, I think I was involved in 25 race meetings. Therefore, I travelled a lot. Right after the Christmas days I and my family will make a trip to France for a skiing holiday. And we also will have our New Year’s Eve party in the mountains. I’m looking forward to relaxing.” 

Philipp Eng: “I’m lucky enough to live in Austria. I hope that we will have a white Christmas, this year. In 2017 it was rather green. I will spend the festive season in traditional style with my family. I’m glad to have time to spend several days at a time at home, it was a very long year. On New Year I arguably will make a trip with some friends to somewhere. And a party every now and then also belongs to the days at the end of the season. And I will start with good resolutions into the New Year.” 

Nico Müller: “I will spend the festive season at home. I’m looking forward to staying with time with my family. This will help me calming down and recharging my batteries. So I will be ready when the season preparations will begin in January. I hope we will have some Snow at home in Switzerland. I will enjoy the mountains and catch some fresh oxygen. Spending some days on skis would be cool.” 

Timo Glock: “Truly relaxed with my family. I travelled enough, this year, with my mix of DTM and Formula One. Therefore, I’m happy to be at home at Christmas. This allows me to go skiing with my son. My daughter still is too young for accompanying us. We can put her on skis only next year. I hope that we will have enough snow.” 

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