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2016-07-25 11:45:00

Thats how the DRS works

Thats how the DRS works

The rear side window of the DTM cars will be responsible for an important task, in the future. From the first race of the new season it will be used to update the spectators on several things. First of all, a digital display informs them on a driver’s position in the race at any time, thus making following the race action much easier for them. The second function of this display will be of interest not only for the spectators but for the rivals, too. Should the display of a car switch from green to red this means that the respective driver has used up his DRS activations for the race. Other than in 2015, the drivers have only a limited number of DRS activations available, this year.  We explain the new regulations.  

That’s how the DRS works 

This part of the DRS use hasn’t changed compared to 2015:
A driver may use the DRS if his gap to the driver ahead amounts – when crossing the finish line – to less than a second. In this case, he may use the DRS on the following lap three times.

From what point in tine in the races will the DRS be enabled?
In the 2015 season, the drivers had to complete four laps before they were allowed to use the DRS. In 2016, the DRS will be enabled as early as on lap two. And should the safety-car have been out the drivers already may use the DRS on the first lap after it came in again while they had to cross the finish line three times before the DRS was re-enabled, in 2015. 

That’s what’s happening when a driver activates his DRS:
As soon as a driver activated his DRS on a lap, three of his activation will be eliminated. This also is the case if he uses the DRS only once on this lap. The reason for this change is simple: the experiences made in the past show that a DTM driver needs about three activations to close in on the rival ahead and pass him while one activation usually is enough for fending off the pressurising car. Therefore, the driver trying to pass would lose his activations far quicker than the one defending his position.

How many activations will be available per driver per race?
This depends on track length and race distance. In the season kick-off at Hockenheim, for instance, the drivers may activate the DRS 39 times in the 40-minute race on Saturday and 57 times in the 60-minute race on Sunday. On the shortest race track of the calendar, however, the Norisring, the allowed activations amount to 75 on Saturday and 111 on Sunday.  



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