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Season statistics 2017

The basis of our statistics

All the data of our statistics are based on fully completed laps – what may make an impact on the following results:

Position improved / worsened: Should a driver – for instance – gain seven positions in the first part of a lap to than lose again five of these seven positions only the difference – two positions – is credited to him.

Kilometres in the lead / laps in the lead: Should a driver cross le line as race leader but is passed by a rival just 800 metres later, these 800 metres won’t become part of his statistics but will be credited to the new race leader should he still be the race leader when completing the lap.

A similar approach applies to laps in the lead. Even if a driver should gain the lead just 100 metres before the line, the full lap will be credited to him as lap in the lead, nevertheless.

Further annotations regarding our statistics

Pit stops: This area comprises any drive in and across the pit lane. This means not only the stops but also drive-thru penalties or early retirements in the garage will be credited to the respective driver.

Finished in the ranking / finished outside of the ranking: Although some drivers don’t make it to the chequered flag, in a race, the may make it to the ranking, nevertheless. This happens whenever they retire in the closing stages of a race. According to the regulations, any driver who has covered 75 percent of the race distance makes it to the rankings.

Grid – races: This value displays the number of positions gained or lost by a driver in the period of time from the start to the finish of a race.

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