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Technical regulations

The most important factor of DTM’s new technical regulations is be the common part concept, as it is layed out in the new “CLASS 1” rulebook. It results in clear cost reductions while also adding to the safety and equal-opportunity areas. Components of nearly all the areas of the car are standardised. For all these components, the manufacturers needn’t to invest in expensive design and development efforts. The core of the car is the carbon-fibre monocoque with integrated safety cell that already has been used in DTM for years.

A significant difference to the previous technical DTM regulations are the engines. A state-of-the-art two-litre 4-cylinder turbo engine has replaced the V8 power units used to date. The engine produces some 620bhp – about 100bhp more than their predecessors – and accelerates the DTM cars to more than 300kph. Due to the additional power the cars also will need more brake energy. Therefore, the aero design of the front of the car will be adapted to gather more air for cooling both the engine and the brakes. Furthermore, front and rear diffuser and the rear wing will be modified as the current SUPER GT specs will be incorporated in the new regulations, in this area.

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